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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter dead

It's still--

a little disconcerting finding the white hairs when I clean out the hairbrush.

I never thought I would live this long.

Not, mind you, that I'm unhappy about it.


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I never expected to see 43.

(If I'd been born 20 or more years earlier, I probably wouldn't have. I am a testament to survival through superior medical firepower.)

Treasure the white hair; it means you made it.

(Next stop: 86. Right?)
No, no, no! It is sun-bleaching, merely. Happened to my sideburns a few years ago. Global warming has impacted upon the traditionally rainy UK, that's for sure. My sideburns are proof of it! I'm thinking about getting a hat...
I started getting white hairs when I was 18. I figure they're merely another stage -- and a PITA.
Mine still startle me in the mirror.

Interesting texture they have.

Congratulations on making it thus far.
Hey! Congrats to your too!

Maybe I can get the Patti Smith grizzled thing going on someday....
I always expected to get to white hair, but only because my mother started going white in her twenties. As it happens, I've lasted longer than I thought I would as a teen, and expect to go quite a lot longer still - but no white hairs yet, dammit. Where's my white hairs?
I could try to scare you.
HAH! I started going grey when I was 17, I was 90% grey by the time I was 26. I was a suicide redhead for many years (dyed by my own hand, as it were) but then I suddenly had enough of it, swore at the grey, and started letting it grow out. For a while I had stripes like a cross between a Siberian and a Bengal tiger - white and red and dark all intermingled. Today I'm... silver.

And I'm not 45 yet.

And I've been picking the grey out of my hairbrush for YEARS, chicken.
Yes, but you are gorgeous, with the Emmylou Harris silver locks.....

Gives you an advantage.
I've found a few silver hairs, but I keep arguing that they're planted there by the middle cat.

I never thought I would live this long.

And you say that while listening to Phil Ochs, even. :-) Count me as another who's glad you made it.

Heh. Yeah. I figured I would be lucky to see 25, what with Reagan and all. Now I plan to hold on to the bitter end. They will pry my life from my cold dead fingers!


You know what I mean.

"Actually, it's caused by air in the hair shaft..."


Yes the eyebrows beginning to change color can be very weird. For awhile I was worried that only my eyebrows would go silvery and I would have bushy, white Santa Claus eyebrows with dark hair. But it seems to be all evening out now.
I have one (1) grey hair. I found it last year.

I am trying to cultivate it into a dashing Rogue forelock, but it's not cooperating.

Yes, the alternative to aging isn't that great

Are you going white as opposed to shades of grey? That's kind of neat. White hair is a bit exotic-looking.

Re: Yes, the alternative to aging isn't that great

Too soon to tell, really. They look white when they come out, but there's not enough of them to get an impression of anything except fine pale streaks in all the reddish-brown.

My hair is *very* fine.
My head hair started as blond. Darkened to dirty blond when I was about 12, kept darkening till it was black. No gray hairs as yet.

On the other hand, when I first grew a beard at about 25, some of it came in gray. And my beard is now white.
Hee. I know some guys with that color morphology...
Of course, my natural color is ashy blonde-red. But you know, when I started getting grey hair so that it was visible, I figure I earned it.

And so did you. Wear it proudly, because it shows you are a person of character.

Or something like that.
I quit hennaing, because it covers the grey. *g*
For some reason, every time I've seen this post on my friends page, I've read "hairbrush" as "toothbrush."

If it's any consolation, I bet white hairs in your toothbrush would be more disconcerting.
It might indicate the cat had borrowed it.

And that you needed a new toothbrush.

Either that, or lycanthropy.
I noticed my first white hairs when I was nine. My paternal grandfather was completely white by the time he turned 30 and I always thought I would be too, but here I am at 35 with the white only really noticeable in the front. I've given up trying to anticipate how it's going to go white. You can't know.
Do you have the super-bitchin' streaky thing? I love that.
I had an uncle who maintained that the gray hairs each represented a temptation he'd resisted (the ones you give into are less stressful, aparently). He had very few...
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