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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

in concert with that blood-washed band

So, today, The Jeff and a friend of his took me rock climbing. This is technically research for the Secrit Projekt, but it's also something I really wanted to start doing.

It went surprisingly well.

Which is to say, I fell off progressively higher and higher places on the cliff until I got too tired to climb any more and also couldn't figure out what to do next from that point, and also I found out that falling off cliffs is an amazing amount of fun.

Chaz is over there snickering at me right now, but I'm going to fix his wagon.

After all, he's only fictional.

403.7 miles to Lothlorien


I think there's some kind of "I told you so" going on....
an amazing amount of fun.
No Bear.
problem, Agent Smith?
If falling off is something fun, the rocks aren't high enough.

Me, I prefer bouldering. But even at that, one can end up dozens of feet above the ground one is going to end up on, should one fall.

One doesn't fall on the ground, man.

That's what the harness and the guy with the belay are for.

The Jeff still exists?

Really?! I thought he'd disappeared from the face of this Earth many moons ago. Well I'll be damned. . .

Re: The Jeff still exists?

Hah, yes!

And he asked about you today, too.

I could give him an email address, if you sent me a current one....
After all, he's only fictional.

Am not.

Different Chaz.

Unless it's not.

In which case my head hurts.

And I'm terribly, terribly sorry.
Climbing's one of those things I've really liked the couple of times I've gotten to do--that I'd do more of if I had time for a sport that wasn't riding. But I don't.

It's the nice thing about being a dilettante.

I can be mediocre at MANY things.

Wow, you picked a great day for it, I think (if the day delivered what the morning promised).

I like falling off the bitty rocks, but a two-pitch solo downclimb off Spire 2 in the Cathedral Spires sort of topped my thrillometer in the direction of Bad and I haven't really climbed since.

Let me know if you ever need to research judo or Japanese sword arts, because I can introduce you to lots more fun. ^_^


You never know--someday I might.

Actually, one of the characters in this thing is into Kendo... (The Jewish mom/FBI field agent, if I recall.)
You have so much fun. I think everyone needs to come spend one day hanging around with you having fun. But I don't want to fall down rocks. :)

Well, honestly, there's a really bouncy rope. So the falling doesn't hurt.