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The book of my enemy has been remaindered--

If you really want a copy of The Chains that you Refuse and don't have one yet, I would, er, suggest getting it now.

In other news:
Bull & Bear, et al.: 2
Refining Fire: 0

Finished the run-through on that particular chunk of the secrit projekt today, and send it back to her worthyness.

And now I am going to make some brown rice with butter and cheese and eat it up, yum. And watch this Sherlock Holmes DVD, after.

Tomorrow is either going to be revising "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree," or starting on By the Mountain Bound. I suspect the short story wins, on the "it's nicer to cross a smallish thing off the list than just nibble at the fringe of the giant thing" rule.
Tags: oops, the writer at work, wtf
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