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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid mathematics

if no eyes, avoid all contact

Item the first: new folks


Some in, get comfy. Introduce yourselves. Ask questions. Hang out. Hijack comment threads and talk about Greek history. Seriously, it's what it's there for.

I just ask you be polite to other comment-thread denizens, even if you disagree with them. And please be understanding if I don't answer every comment. I have somehow become a very busy Bear.

Item the second: daily rambling

Well, I have not forgotten how to factor quadratic equations, despite not having cracked the math books since early September. I think I will be getting back into this, actually, because it gave me great joy to pull out the book and play with numbers and variables for a little while.

I seem to have developed rather a lot of hobbies, which between them may be making up for the difficulty I am still having in reading any fiction with enjoyment. (My critique function is stuck on. Which is useful to me as a writer and slush reader, not so useful when I want to settle down and enjoy a novel. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to affect reading nonfiction. Which is good, because nonfiction is a very useful thing for novelists to read.)

Man, tomorrow I really need to get this pile of email dealt with. I think I need a personal assistant. Unfortunately, I can't afford to pay one....

I've been thinking about my work schedule, because after WFC I am going to need to get mean and consistent about work again, as the deadlines are flickering up over the horizon. And about how I can manage to balance work and the things I need to do to keep sane/keep flexible/encourage my diversity of thought so I don't keep writing the same book over and over. I seem to have developed an awful lot of hobbies. (I am a dilettante. I am moderately bad at everything, but I do a lot of different things moderately poorly. Hey, I have my crowning passion; this other stuff I am allowed to suck at.)

Which are, to wit--

Things I am doing and want to keep doing:

1) archery/pistol shooting. Not only do I have an excellent archery store and range two towns over, but there's been some talk between netcurmudgeon, ashacat, taichigeek, and me about shooting some things that go boom in addition to the things that go swish-thwack.

2) guitar. I need, at this juncture, an actual teacher. I think I have plateaued in what I can figure out for myself.

3) maths. Almost done with the first algebra book, and having too much fun to quit now. Mmm, that problem-solving dopamine hit is the good drugs.

4) rock climbing. Yes, hooked.

5) hiking. So nice to be back in the saddle with that, after having seriously fallen off the horse some years ago. Also, it's training for Project: Kilimanjaro.

6) gym. Three times a week. And a couple of other days for non-gym exercise. Not only does it do a wonderful job of normalizing my serotonin levels, thereby making me into a striking facsimile of a neurochemically normal person, but it's essential for Project: Kilimajaro training.

7) Criminal Minds fandom. I get a fandom. Because it entertains the heck out of me, and because narrative analysis is good for my writer-brain. (Okay, I have several fandoms, but the others are all on the level of "I love my dead gay show," and therefor very low-maintenance.

Things I would like to do more of include:

8) I want a martial art again. In my copious spare time.

9) ditto, horseback riding.

10) ditto, travel

11) ditto, live music. God, it's nice to be back in the land of the traveling folkie again. Vienna Teng on Thursday!

Things I need to do, professionally:

12) meet my writing commitments (novels, blog, critiques, secrit projekt, keeping up on the state of the genre, refining and expanding my craft, etc.)

13) keep packing the science and history and biography and politics and whatever else into my head, because it is needful to the art.

14) not take on any more commitments for the foreseeable future. I am full up, as they say.

Things that are non-negotiable:

15) making time for my friends and family.

Here's a dirty shamefaced silent little secret about writing--or actually, no, it's not a dirty secret. It's a great crowing truth.

The more stuff you do, the more you undertake to learn, the greater your breadth of acquaintance and experience--the better your art is.

The more real your life, the more closely observed and researched your stories will be.

Read. Do. Experience. Play. Explore. Create.

Or get old and stale.


*sigh* Once again, Vienna comes to the area on the nights I can't go. :( I'm starting to think I'm going to have to finagle a co-billing tour for her and my employer in order to ever bee in the same room with her again. :/

(Speaking of traveling folkies, we're having a good one over on Sunday. You're welcome to come down if you've got the time...)
Thank you. Alas, not a chance.
Didn't there used to be a mailing list or something for those HoM shows? Or was it only geoffroi that had one for his series?

And Vienna does seem to be avoiding you. It's almost as if there was a list posted somewhere of when you'd be out of town.... ;)
There is ... I thought you were on it! Whoops. :}

I can add you if you want, though honestly this might be the penultimate show of our series...
I enjoyed aikido when I had time for it. When I got techniques right, it was a lot like riding a roller coaster. I’m hoping that my darling obsessivewoman’s upcoming CPAP machine will fix her sleep apnea and let her stay up later in the evenings, so I won’t be missing out on seeing her on weeknights if I go back to the dojo...
...Hijack comment threads and talk about Greek history...

What, like "Soul of a New Machine" and "Cuckoo's Egg" ?
I *loved* this post! Great advice...and I have to admit you made me smile when you mentioned the joy of practicing algebra. Hee. My family thinks I'm a hopeless nerd because I recently decided I needed textbooks to keep me occupied. There's just so darn much out there that I couldn't learn in college, so I'm currently investigating astronomy, geology, climatology, and paleobiology. Fascinating stuff.

Incidentally - horseback riding is indeed good for the soul and the creative mind. Highly recommended. :D
Re; Shooting.. Great stuff, zen as all hell.. Breath control and focus.

Guitar..Lessons if they work for you, filk songs and jammage is much better..This is supposed to be fun... BTW, my arm seems to have loosened up, and i can play for an hour now, if you need any more vids.. carry on...
I need somebody to teach me how to do it, I think. I'm just making the same mistakes over and over again, now.

I like shooting things. I think you were the first person to teach me... in Tennessee...
i like 22 pistols like the colt woodsman or the ruger... cheap... but you have to get them at gun shows unless you want to involve a tone of paper work and i dont think MAss will let you have them at all, if memory serves.
*g* One can rent pistols. It's handy.

speaking of martial arts....

One of the reasons I like living in Eugene: Northwest Academy of Arms teaches medievel swordsmanship.

Re: speaking of martial arts....

There's an embedded video on there, the one I saw on the morning news.

Re: speaking of martial arts....

The more stuff you do, the more you undertake to learn, the greater your breadth of acquaintance and experience--the better your art is.

Heh. By that measurement I'd be an awesome writer. All I'd have to do is.... well, write.

On the other hand, by that measurement Emily Dickinson would suck, as would all the Brontes. Maybe it's that you're right, but thatthe exploration and experiencing can also happen inside your head.
"I love my dead gay show,"


I love you.

Heathers references win at life.

Yes! Thank you.