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why i write short fiction

First off, since I am spamming lj tonight, Avery Brooks is going to star in Christofer Marley's Tamburlaine, as presented by the Shakespeare Theatre Company of DC.

Second, truepenny, triggered by but tangential to the current death-of-short-fiction kerfuffle, is talking about what short stories are good for.

I have a theory. And that theory is that, more or less, the current SFF short fiction market is a club scene. It's where the experiements happen, the riffs, the fast-and-furious back-and-forth, the arguments, the bubble and boil. The churn, if you like.

Is short fiction essential to my career? Nope. Does it make me a lot of money? Nope. Does it get me a ton of respect? Nope. (Generally speaking. I think I write pretty good short stories. Actually, no, I take that back. I think I write damned fine short stories [I mean, other than the part of my brain that can only see what's wrong with anything I do, but we're talking about the realistic part of the brain now.]. And if they're not quite hitting the core-readership right, well, that's something to work on. OTOH, I am very, very happy about my BSFA short fiction nominations.)

So why do I write short fiction?

Because it makes me happy to do it. Because I do think a vital and exciting club scene is necessary to keep the commercial market alive. Because short stories, with their quick rate of turnaround, consist of a conversation that we can have without the three-to-five-year delay of the novel conversation. Because we're jamming, baby.
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