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the map/territory relationship

Comment on this post. I'll choose seven some userpics from your profile and you'll reply here (or you know, your ownjournal, whichever), explaining what they mean and why you're using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along. Also, feel free to ask me about my icons here, as well.

ETA Meme closed! I think I have as many as I can do....

juliansinger was kind enough to put me to the Question, and she chose....

(with her questions in parentheses.)

 (Great image. What d'you use it for?)

Keywords: froud magician

That's a detail from Brian Froud's The Magician. A fantastical piece of art, and one I am slightly bending copyright to use as an icon. (It's a detail rather than an entire image, and attributed as a detail, with credit, so I think I'm ethically okay. But I thought about it for a good long time before I used it.) I own a print of this; it's currently still at my ex-husband's house with the rest of my art. Once I am in a permanent place, I shall have to fetch same.

I use this icon sparingly, for magical things. Or when I am feeling terribly sly. Because Froud does sly incredibly well. Don't you think?

 (Am I correct this is a Parker quote?)

Keywords: criminal minds garcia girls who wear gla

You are correct. The complete couplet is:

Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses
But girls who wear glasses make passes at men.

IIRC. I'm quoting from memory.

The icon is one of the three Criminal Minds ones that Julian picked out, and it's an image of actress Kirsten Vangsness, who plays Tech Goddess, flirt, loudmouth, ray of light and hope, and smart, smart broad Penelope Garcia on the same.

I love her so.

I use this one for being horribly flirtatious, or, you know, just when it amuses me. What a wicked expression she has on....

 (Is he?)

Keywords: criminal minds reid captivated

Julian's question is regard to my comment in the comments field of this icon: "He's watching Charlie Chaplin!"

Yes. He is.

Criminal Minds icon #2. That's actor and film-maker Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays the only TV character in the history of the world who has ever made me wince repeatedly with painful or amused self-recognition. Which is why we have so many Reid icons. Because I over-identify deeply with this made-up person.

I like this one because this particular character has been through a meat-grinder in more ways than one, and yet, in this shot, he looks like a kid watching cartoons from three inches away from the TV. Nice physical acting. It seems hopeful to me.

I use this one for when I am really entranced/amused by something.

Keywords: leighton pavonia

Frederick Lord Leighton's Pavonia, detail from same. I love his work with an unreal love. The colors and textures and the way the women move, the way their faces have expression and personality, the way they are not idealized English beauties. (His most famous work is Flaming June.)

She's wistful and thoughtful and seems to me to harbor a self-aware intelligence, and I like her very much.

Keywords: criminal minds jj this is the lie

Criminal Minds icon #3! 50%, FTW.

That's actress A.J. Cook as JJ Jareau, the Secrit Non-Titular Mastermind Behind the BAU. She is also a card sharp, a trickster, and a media flack par excellence. The quote is from the same source, though a different episode, and I repurposed it here as a character-revealing trick. (I.E., JJ instructing someone else what lie they are to tell becomes a comment on the character's pose of mirror-smooth unflappability, which got a bit dinged up last season.)

I use this one for, well, when I'm pretty sure something is not so. Or when I'm being heavily ironic.


 (Mostly I just want to enjoy watching you refuse to unpack this.)

Keywords: david bowie realism _ truepenny

That is, of course, David Bowie. At his most coked-out and terrifying, in a silver-sequined shirt (as immortalized in the infamous BBC documentary on same, during which he sniffles constantly and guzzles milk by the half-gallon), with boxing gloves on. truepenny made me this one.

The line is from a Blowie song of more or less the same period, "D.J.:"

I’m home, lost my job
And incurably ill
You think this is easy realism
I’ve got a girl out there
I suppose

Hah. Oh, so much to unpack in this one. Well, I mean, what's more surreal than David Bowie in boxing gloves? And yet there's a sort of artistic purpose behind it all (I mean, the man's whole life has been a kind of performance art), and of course the song can be read as a self-parodying self-portrait (his given name is David Jones. Ahem.) And then there's the weirdness necessitated by art, the limit-pushing, the hard choices and the way we can never quite achieve what we need to achieve with that art.

So this one is sort of my wry admission that it will never be good enough, while also considering the fact that that does not absolve me of making it as good as it can be. And a bit of reminder not to drive myself so crazy trying to Make Art that at any point getting up on stage in boxing gloves and a silver sequined shirt while strung out on heroic quantities of cocaine seems like a good idea.

Also, I mean, David Bowie in boxing gloves. The amusement value is high.
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