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The 1980s called. They want their security system back.

I got my greenscreen back!

Oh, look, party hats. Never a good sign in CM. My fandom is somewhat incongruous.

Two CotW, one a black man, one an Asian woman. We are trying very hard to make up ground lost to honkies over the past few weeks, apparently.

COTW talking mom out of the photo = love.

Thug shot! The team arrives as a group avalanche, this time.

(I like JJ's hair drawn back, and Reid's striped tie/floral shirt. On the other hand, if Reid had any more hairspray in that hair, he would be sticking to passing birds. Seriously, helmet head, still distracting.

"I joined the Bureau to rescue people, not to stand over another dead kid today."

Nice misdirect with the presumably-related case.

"And I don't mean that hypothetically." Garcia, I love you.

I like Prentiss and JJ as a team. It warms the Cagney-and-Lacey-fan cockles of my heart.

Reid, recycling statistics from the last child abduction ep.... and memorizing blueprints. Reid with the stubble. Did they roust you out of bed, Spencer? "44% of children who are abducted and killed within the first hour."

Garcia finds the first clue. "I'm not London here, and believe me when I tell you the 1980s just called, they want their security system back."

Garcia, pink hair, large and in charge, could not fill me with more joy.

Dostoyevsky quote! "The parents are debriefed, separately. It's more efficient that way." Hotch and JJ team up again. Huzzah!

The actress playing the mom is really doing a great job.

"He feels safe here. Familiar with the surroundings."

Yeah, I was kind of on to the aunt and uncle from the scene where Prentiss is trying to talk to the cousin, and the parents are freaking out all over the place, seizing control of the interview, trying to cover their asses. Nice. 

"Assuming that she knew not to walk off with a stanger, then she might have trusted the offender."

"She loves to read."

Reid and Morgan, especially Reid, with Jeremy, are awesome. Yeah, physical symptoms of extreme stress, and the knowing look between the two of them. Augh.

JJ talking to mom about the search dogs. And Mom with the tiny personal detail. The kid fusses about whether her sweater matches her sneakers. Suck it up, Mom. Tough it out. Good job. Also, JJ trying to explain sociopathic objectification to the family is awful in a really good way.

"You have kids?"
"No, not yet. But everyone that needs us we think of as our own."
Parents and children. Over and over.

And mom talking about Katie, very nice.
Oh, look, a drifting pink party balloon. Alas, for innocence. At least this time there aren't any mac-10s at the birthday party.
You know, this has got to be a great show to guest star on. They get to emote.

And the title quote goes to Garcia and Hotch. Seven seconds.

Pink balloon, pink sweater. Drifting and lost.

"Nothing a six-year-old would leave an arcade for." Hotch cracks the case!

And Reid plays first-person shooters. Huh. You would think he'd get enough of that in post-traumatic flashbacks. Or possibly, he just hangs around online with people who play first-person shooters.

And Jeremy's mom makes a series of fatal mistakes.

Actually, the kid playing Jeremy is pretty impressive. Does CM have a monopoly on all the good child actors?
A little too heavyhanded with Katie crying.
And Reid and Morgan know the kid is withholding. The reaction shots to "I could smell her shampoo" are marvelous.

"Is there something else?"
And the breath, and the looks.

...and the dog finds the necklace. And Hotch recognizes it. "She found it in the schoolyard about a year ago."

"The clasp is damaged like it was ripped off of her neck." Hotch cracks the case!

Reid and Morgan in the house. Bea says the writershave it in for suburbia. And I say Spencer's favorite movie as a child was what? (At least, I think that's the DVD. The title face is right, and the readable bit of the title is BABA...)

Previous to the rewatch, you see, we discussed:

[22:20] stillsostrange: Oh, did either of you catch what the movie was?
[22:20] beatriceeagle: No!
[22:20] matociquala: And a party balloon.
[22:20] beatriceeagle: (They had one, in the episode.)
[22:20] matociquala: Couldn't see it.
[22:20] beatriceeagle: No, I didn't.
[22:20] matociquala: Yes, I know
[22:20] stillsostrange: Sad.
[22:20] matociquala: Well, logic it out.
[22:20] beatriceeagle: Don't worry.  We will analyze the torrent endlessly.
[22:20] matociquala: *g*
[22:20] stillsostrange: I want to know what Spencer's favorite movie was.
[22:20] matociquala: Spencer's 26?
[22:20] beatriceeagle: So do I!
[22:21] beatriceeagle: So when he was six...
[22:21] matociquala: What was his favorite movie when he was six?
[22:21] beatriceeagle: That'd be '87.
[22:21] beatriceeagle: That would still be around.
[22:21] stillsostrange: That doesn't mean much, though.
[22:21] stillsostrange: Lots of my favorite movies were older ones.
[22:22] beatriceeagle: If they loved us, they would have showed us the case.
[22:22] stillsostrange: It just has to be 20+
[22:22] matociquala: Well, no DVDs yet in 1987
[22:22] matociquala: So, videotape or something that aired on TV/movie theatre
[22:22] beatriceeagle: Yeah, but old movies get rereleased on DVD.
[22:22] matociquala: Yeah, no, I'm talking about Spencer
[22:22] beatriceeagle: Hm.
[22:22] beatriceeagle: Oh
[22:23] matociquala: LABYRINTH!
[22:23] matociquala: *g*
[22:23] beatriceeagle: ...Definitely.
[22:23] matociquala: Knowing Spencer, it was probably SF
[22:23] matociquala: Oh, I have it.
[22:23] matociquala: Flight of the Navigator.
[22:23] matociquala: 1986
[22:24] beatriceeagle: Flight of the Navigator?
[22:24] matociquala:
[22:24] stillsostrange: Oh god
[22:24] katallen: ::looks up::
[22:24] matociquala: *g*
[22:24] stillsostrange: I haven't seen that in...
[22:24] stillsostrange: forever

And then...

[23:05] beatriceeagle: I'm having this amazing image of seven-year-old genius Reid still watching Babar every day.
[23:05] katallen: I used to love Babar
[23:06] katallen: Babar and Celeste
[23:06] matociquala: Over and over.

Ahem. Back to the RECAP!

"Norman Rockwell couldn't have painted this any cozier."

"It's possible that she knows the offender."
"No. No."
Oh yeah, dad.
No, you're not having an affair. What's your brother doing?

"Finding Katie is everything to me." *Hotchloff*

Did ever a show talk about bedwetting as often as my show?

Okay, Morgan and Reid in the victim's house, talking about Morgan and Reid, and both of them knowing it, and also knowing that they're talking about the victimology? God, that's a brilliant, brillian scene. And one that works two totally different ways. For the casual viewer, it's just two guys solving the crime.

For the fan, it's Galahad and Perceval Morgan and Reid using the bad wisdom from their own blighted childhoods to try to save a little girl's life. And both of them knowing what they're doing, and trusting the other guy with those weapons. Man, that's nice.

"Some kids won't get up at night because they're afraid of the dark."
"Or it could be a lot more complex than that."

"Like an extension of themselves."
"Reid, I know these signs."

Morgan cracks the case! And then Reid cracks the case!

"Two rooms. Now." Hotch loff! Again.

"You know, when I was thirteen--"
And the kid totally thinks Reid is a creep. That's so awesome.

Reid in the interrogation room has come a long way. I really love grown-up confident Reid. And I really want to find out exactly what's going on with his PTSD these days--

"So clearly you're intrigued. My only question is whether or not you have acted on these curiousities, you've experimented yet." (1)
"Shouldn't you be looking for my cousin right now?"
"I am looking for your cousin right now." (Statement! Fifteen love.)
"Why are you asking me these questions?"
"Why are you avoiding them."

Gosh, another fabulous scene.

Prentiss and Hotch break the dad. Like a pair of wolves harrassing a caribou into making a mistake.

And Morgan, on to Susan. And JJ, still not a profiler.

"Hey Jeremy? You know what I do for the FBI?" (2)

"No! I told you everything."
"Iiiii dunno--"

Nice, all of this. And nice intercutting between the two interviews. Boy this bit makes me happy. Hotch and Prentiss as Bad Cop Worse Cop is awesome. And Spencer Reid is a creepy motherfucker when he so desires.

He and Prentiss totally have their spurs now. Perceval and Gareth are all growed up.

"For probably the most stressful day of your life, I haven't seen you light one cigarette."
Prentiss cracks the case! Everybody gets a turn this week!

"This could get dicy."
Oh, the lovely lovely teamwork. So lovely and full of love.
And Prentiss getting right the hell up Susan's nose is a thing of savage beauty.

"Dirty. Disgusting." Oh, Emily. I love you. "There's nothing left for you to protect."

Nice tension in the ending, but I am a little disappointed they went the Hollywood route on this one. Two miracle saves in a row, and we're going to start to expect a happy ending. Also, man, unless her heart just stopped, hello brain damage.

Reid and Morgan with Jeremy at the end.
"We get it, kid. It's your mom."
And Reid's reaction shot. Another nice one for the people who have been paying attention to the backstory....

"What's going to happen to me?"
Well, kid. Maybe you'll grow up to be a knight of the round table. Or maybe you'll grow up to be a monster. Or maybe--

"We could have been left haunted by a lot worse."

We WIN! Again! Twice in a row! It could get addictive!

Aww, Hotch. Well, at least you and Haley are talking. And she's staying with her sister.

I thought that Chesterton quote was "monsters."

(1) "My only question is whether you continued the cycle of violence with your own children." Echo back to "The Fox," of course, at the beginning of s1

(2) "Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?"

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