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bear by san

March 2017



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bad girls marlene make my day

dogs and cats, living together--

It appears that I will be in Boston for a signing at Pandemonium Books on Nov 10th. Time to follow.

Hope to see some of you there....


*looks at calendar*

Maybe next time. I hope it's a fun/successful day!
If you ever get a little bit closer to DC, I'll be there with bells on.
I can but try. *g*
\o/ Yay!
*Jumps up and down making a faint jingly noise.*
It is clearly too late at night for my brain to function. Because I read that as *singing at Pandemonium*. Then I thought to myself, wow, your guitar playing must really be coming along if you're going to be performing in public, before the eyes went back over the sentence and found the comprehension failure.

No, I don't know why if I read singing, my brain made a leap to your guitar skills. It seemed reasonable until I actually wrote out the thoughts. Now I think I need to be comatose.
Well, if they need to clear the store for a fire drill...
--mass hysteria!

Wish I could get there to see you. Have a great time! Or at least socialize well (which you always do!).
Awesome! It's been centuries since I saw you last!
Have fun, Dr. Venkman!
Ooooo...this is a signing I might be able to make!

(I first saw you at the 2006 Comic-con. Probably one of the first people on the first day of con. The little red headed person. If you can remember that long ago. I also watched your big brick novel panel with George R.R. Martin and R.A. Salvatore.)
I do!
Unfortunately, I can't be there even though I'm regularly at Pandemonium (it's within walking distance after all), due to a previous commitment[1]. Reno[2] won't be nearly as much fun, I'm sure.

[1] Which also conflicts with one of my favorite technical conferences, a lunch talk over on main campus that I'd really like to go to, and the Institute retreat. What a week.

[2] "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him use vi[3]"?

[3] If I really wanted to torture him, I'd make him use ed. Sometimes I use ed just to scandalize the younger sysadmins who don't believe in printing terminals.

[π] Yes, this is an unreferenced footnote. Yes, I'm procrastinating.