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bear by san

March 2017



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iggy pop amazing abdomen

the internet, still full of things

via anghara, a Chinese ballet/gymnastic routine that made my eyes sting.


That's amazing.

And all I can think of is the number of toe shoes she's bled through learning to do that.


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And how many muscle and tendon injuries they both had.

I like the spotter.
She'll have trouble walking when she's 35, that's for sure...

I'm really not sure there are words.
Ye gods and little fishes. I believe the word is "gobsmacked"!

I once learned to dance on my toes. But it was NOTHING like that!!!

(Thanks for posting)
::ballet wonk alert::

The commentary said she started as a gymnast, then had 4 yrs of ballet training. So she probably didn't bleed through all that many shoes. (BTW: those were ordinary pointe shoes, unless the insides had been monkeyed with. This makes it even more amazing.)

What made me say "Holy shit!" out loud was when she was standing on the guy's head and turning herself around through sheer force of will.* I used to be fabulous at balancing on pointe, and I can barely imagine the strength it would take to do that.

*okay, not really, but the balance-muscles and the turning-muscles are THE SAME ONES.
I dunno. Pointe is pointe. You don't do that in gymnastics.
All I could think was: I wonder how many times he dropped her? How many times has she fallen? Yikes.

And I bet her toes on his back in the very beginning did not feel good...the shoes I danced in had pretty hard wooden blocks in those toes. ::winces::
He had a little plate on his back in the beginning.


She must have incredible muscle control.
omigoodness. That was amazing. On point on his shoulders? It makes my head hurt to think about it. But, it was certainly beautiful to watch.
Wow. That was beautiful.

Both of them had such strength and delicacy. It amazes me that there are still people who think that ballet is something for weaklings. Have they not seen what these guys and gals can do???
Yes. The strength AND precision AND flexibility is amazing.
Well, she probably weighs 89 pounds soaking wet after a good lunch.

But yes.
The toe work itself wasn't that amazing, just that she was doing it on his shoulders and on top of his head. Wish I had half her sense of balance.

Still a truly stunning performance.
She didn't do many steps, but think how impressed ballet people are by the Rose Adagio. This runs rings around that before leaving it in the dust while laughing.
I think what I love the most about this is how she's turned her body into living art.

Okay, (1) are her knees really hyperextending as badly as it looks to me like they're hyperextending?, (2) she's amazing, but her partner is a fucking ROCK.

And (3) OMG Eleventy-One.
1) yes.

2) yes.

3) and in conclusion, yes.
I kept thinking, "Holy cow, she doesn't have any bones!"
I'm utterly speechless.

How do you find these things?!?
Friends-list from HELL.
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