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bear by san

March 2017



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how I spent my summer vacation

Today I cleaned the entire apartment, except the shower stall and the kitchen counter, washed and folded laundry, and rearranged my living room and bedroom. Also, I went to the gym. And practiced yoga. And went for a walk. And saw my massage therapist. And drank some wine.

I am therefor forgiven for not practicing either math or guitar, but instead watching seven episodes of The Muppet Show.

Did you know Nureyev could tap dance?

Also, it's finally October*. Had you noticed?

*first frost of the year last night.


With bells on.

I hear it's cold in Toronto, too, but I'm at a conference in New Orleans. :-)
Sorry you're missing the advent of seasonable weather, finally. Man, it has been hot for too long!
FILTHY with it.

And today I get to scrub the tub!

Er, yay?
Muppets: <3

Frost, finally: <3 <3

Current music: <3 infinity

Although I'm still trying to decide if I like the current music. I want a little more voom, i think, but that might just be my mood.
Nureyev may have been able to tap dance (and wow, could he ever!) but, really, he should never have to sing again.
I find it comforting, actually. It's like Shemar Moore's 93-mine-an-hour fastball.

Some people are built on TOO MANY POINTS.

They make the rest of us look bad. *g*
I'm still waiting for the ramainder fo the Muppets episodes to come out on dvd.

And watching The Muppet Show is a perfectly reasonable excuse for not doing pretty much anything.
Alas! It is sad that they're so often cut (song licensing issues.) But it is a loffly loffly thing that they now exist at all.

I am awed by your virtue.

And I'm not surprised that Nureyev could tap dance, but I'm impressed that he managed to get through the singing part.
With amusement, at least, if not with panache...
Oh, my God, I had forgotten how *funny* Nureyev was. True, his singing voice doesn't insipre, but if you follow links from where you sent us, you'll find a only-wearing-a-towel Nureyev escaping Piggy after a "Baby, It's Cold Outside" number in which you really don't care that he can't sing. And an absolutely *masterful* physical-comedy ballet sketch in which he dances the part of the Handsome Prince in "Swine Lake" which I had remembered since childhood, but forgotten just how good it was.

ThAnd it'ank you for the YouTube breaks. I tend to sneer at video, and forget that some of it is like solid gold antidepressants coated in culture.

And it's finally October here too although I don't know what you mean by "frost"; we don't do that here. It got damp and went down to 55 degrees and I had to close the windows, though.
Yes, the "Baby, It's Cold Outside" skit was hysterical. And not JUST for the meta.

Re: youtube breaks. Only the best for my readers. ;-)

I'm not exactly prone to losing hours and hours to rummaging around Youtube (with the exception of occasional music fits, which do happen. "Oh look! The Highwaymen doing (insert X bizzare song here)!") but sometimes, it is really handy.

The internet's answer to being able to call your honey out of the next room to see something funny.

I'm sorry you are frost-deprived. OTOH, what with climate change, we may be soon also too.
IIRC, Nureyev did a tap dance sequence in the movie VALENTINO.
I did not know!
He takes all the muppets out at the end ohmygod! :D

The New Yorker did a piece on Nureyev in a recent issue - actually, about him and about his biography. He could dance, yes, and even tap dance after a fashion. And I remember his appearance on the Muppet show fondly. Not a very nice man though. Not at all.
Depends on who you ask, apparently, and in what context.

In any case, not his job to be nice. Or to do anything other than dance, for that matter.
muppets do rock. anxiously awaiting season 3 on dvd. hopefully it will come out in my lifetime :D

we had a hard frost a few nights ago. they must be slacking on your side of the river :P
It's a neat number, and yes, muppets are indeed awesome, but you can't mention ballet dancers and tap and expect me not to bring up Baryshnikov's performance in White Nights. Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines doing tap, ballet, and every combination of modern dance you can think of, and Baryshnikov's a pretty good actor as well. It was cashing in on the 80s fad for dance movies, but who cares - Baryshnikov in motion *g*. For those who haven't seen ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haBZCrBHMm4
I love that movie. I've seen the dance parts about a gazillion times. The plot, not so much.
I had forgotten that Helen Mirran was in White Nights.
Mmm. Helen Mirren.