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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

if it's peace you find in dying when dying time is here--

[15:47] matociquala: (all I ask of living is to have no chains on me.)
[15:47] matociquala: Sorry, Laura.
[15:47] matociquala: That's something nobody gets.
[15:47] matociquala: Except sociopaths.
[15:48] katallen: okay, now I'm wondering how sociopaths relate to music
[15:48] katallen: (via... maybe she's singing songs for sociopaths)
[15:48] matociquala: heee
[15:49] matociquala: (swear there ain't no heaven)
[15:49] matociquala: (pray there ain't no hell.)
[15:49] matociquala: you know, I think she is
[15:50] leahbobet: *saves Music for Sociopaths as a story title*
[15:51] matociquala: "Gin, with Occasional Music."
[15:51] matociquala: er, gun
[15:52] stillsostrange: Either way, really

(Here's Judy Kuhn's cover of "When I Die", for those of you born after 1976 or so. And here's the Blood, Sweat & Tears version. [ kind of awesome in an OMG it's 1970 kind of way: wow, leather pants, harmonica, and duct tape on the mike.])

Also, if this is what being neurochemically normal is like--I think I really like it. Wow. Everything is so easy when my brain is behaving. I wonder if I can convince it to do this full-time.


"Gin, with Occasional Music."

Oh, man... if I drank gin I would totally steal that for my blog name.
Realizing I should have used this icon instead of the sociopath one.
I don't recognize either of them, so-- they're both wasted on me!
Ah well, that's ok-I've certainly whiled away plenty of work hours googling stuff from your icons... the skinhead Hamlet being the most memorable XD

FWIW: a) Dexter, b) Calamity Jane from Deadwood.
*g* My pop cultural knowledge is in general sadly lacking.
It was Laura's anniversary last week, still hard to believe there won't be any more music from her.

"Gin, with Occasional Music."

You will be credited on the album cover.

I got wore out on U2 the same way.
I had a bunkie who soured me on "The Four Seasons".

He had other unpleasant aspects. I probably came as close to giving him a demonstration of how gravity works as anyone in this life (we had a third floor billet, with a steep slope below the window).


At least I liked the u2 listener...
For me, it's Laura Nyro's original version of _And When I Die_ that grabs me by the throat and makes me want to cry. Along with _Save the Country_ and (especially) _Stony End_.
She's nice to listen to, for sure.