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if it's peace you find in dying when dying time is here--

[15:47] matociquala: (all I ask of living is to have no chains on me.)
[15:47] matociquala: Sorry, Laura.
[15:47] matociquala: That's something nobody gets.
[15:47] matociquala: Except sociopaths.
[15:48] katallen: okay, now I'm wondering how sociopaths relate to music
[15:48] katallen: (via... maybe she's singing songs for sociopaths)
[15:48] matociquala: heee
[15:49] matociquala: (swear there ain't no heaven)
[15:49] matociquala: (pray there ain't no hell.)
[15:49] matociquala: you know, I think she is
[15:50] leahbobet: *saves Music for Sociopaths as a story title*
[15:51] matociquala: "Gin, with Occasional Music."
[15:51] matociquala: er, gun
[15:52] stillsostrange: Either way, really

(Here's Judy Kuhn's cover of "When I Die", for those of you born after 1976 or so. And here's the Blood, Sweat & Tears version. [ kind of awesome in an OMG it's 1970 kind of way: wow, leather pants, harmonica, and duct tape on the mike.])

Also, if this is what being neurochemically normal is like--I think I really like it. Wow. Everything is so easy when my brain is behaving. I wonder if I can convince it to do this full-time.
Tags: chatroom transcripts, deconstructing folk songs, music, reading against the text

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