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"Have you seen me?"

And back to the pun titles with a vengeance.

BANG! SQUAWK! I'M DEAD. And don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, Mr. Gideon.

Well, Rossi's not making a great first impression, although anybody who orders Strauss around does get a certain amount of joy from me. On the other hand, I'm allergic to authoritarian self-important middle-aged white males.

God, the lighting on this show rocks. The first scene with Rossi and Strauss is so beautifully lit.

"You know, you won't be in charge."

The problem with adding a new character as a central focus is that I don't care about him, and so I'm more interested in everybody around him than him.
Oh look! Two cold opens for the price of one.

And the detective's name is Frank! Drink!

"This wasn't funny the first time."

Dear CotW: I can has call for backup nao?

(stillsostrange sez: "Hey, UNSUB, don't you know North Texas has frequent droughts?")

New credits! YAY!


Lots of guns, And thank Dog, new shots of Shemar and Matthew. In which they are recognizable as their current selves, even....

Reid manages to get through the Frankenstein's Monster costume scene without ever expositing on the difference between Frankenstein and his monster. The writers have better inpulse control than I do.

"Tomorrow night all order is suspended, and the barriers between the natural and the supernatural are temporarily removed." Yeah, lay off the Vicodin, Reid. *g*

Back to the what-are-you-afraid-of? thing

I love that Prentiss is into the Halloween geekfest, and Morgan would rather be waxing Clooney...

"Why is it that neither of those points of view surprise me?"
Because you're a profiler, hon.

Reid making a great first impression, as always.

Aww, Hotch hugs the old boss.
Yes, Dave, the new agents are all hotter than you. *g*
Okay, when Morgan makes the sexist comment, it's charming, because we know Morgan. When Rossi does it, I want to slug him.

Oh man, the girls on the team had better have Rossi for lunch before the season is out, is all I'm saying.

Reid with the psycholinguistics! And the orange tie.

"We have a jet now."

Morgan in the purple shirt.

Masks and faces and effacement, oh my.
Garcia, not so much with the degloving injuries.

Rossi: "Wow! Another cute girl."
Hotch: "Dave, don't ogle my reports."

"False face."

Smart victim runs away! 

da plane! da plane!
And again with the mother's bracelet.
Reid, there's a caterpillar on your lip. At least his hair looks like actual human hair this ep.

Why does Garcia seem so very nervous?

Hotch, if you order everybody but Rossi around, you are setting a bad precedent, man. I know you miss Dad, but you gotta be strong for the kids.

Greenscreen! YAY! They made up the entire season/last season greenscreen deficit in this ep alone. YAY!
Prentiss and Morgan are a good team.

"Where's her dog?" Hotch cracks the case!

Reid really wants this guy to like him. Poor Reid. Already getting shut down by the new guy. Nervous overtalking.

"I really thought it was a prank."
"You can't really blame yourself for that." ("The only really important question is, can you forgive yourself?"
"There was time to help her."

"The salient point is that it was the first thing the unsub wasn't... good at."
"They weren't weighed down."
"He had no connection to them." Rossi and Reid crack the case.

Flashback, drink.

"This is where I would wait." Morgan channels the unsub, drink....

And Reid points out Rossi's contribution to Hotch, and Rossi does not point out Reid's. And Reid notices it, too. Not making any friends, Dave.

Garcia eating candy corn.
"What did she buy?"
"A shotgun." Garcia cracks the case!

The smart victim fights. Thank god, a return to scrappy vics.

You know, if there's an unsub/victim/officer parallel in this one, I'm missing it.

"Speak and be recognized by your empress, mortal."

Flash of light off the bracelet across Rossi's face. Watch for that later....

"Let's just keep this between us for now."
Oh, she's so going to Hotch as soon as Rossi's back is turned.

And a third greenscreen. Yay!

Is that Eddie B leaning over that desk there?

"JJ? How'd they get that?" Oh, Hotch, I love your facial expressions, such as they are.

"Can I speak to you for a second?"
Oh, Reid's reaction shot there is an icon waiting to happen. Rossi, you are so screwed. Priceless. Dr. the Gube, we love your rubber face.

Garcia cracks the case!

Heh. Gideon has NOTHING on Rossi on the reckless endangerment front.
Reckless. Wasn't that Erin's word?

"He was in a hurry and he made a mistake."

"Can't you feel it?"
Can you justify that hunch with a logical structure, Agent Rossi?

Hotch and Rossi--I love how Rossi has the unsub, and Hotch has the unsub's name.
"It doesn't have to end here, Max."
Oh, WRONG thing to say, man.

Eeep! Morgan! Still tackle-free! And still no luck with elevators.
And Rossi gets his first kill, well, in his first episode.

Nice reaction shot from Rossi. Maybe I could have handled that better.
Yeah man, maybe you could.

Circularity, back to the candy handing-out. Of COURSE Reid knows how to celebrate Halloween. And coffeeem proves right again, of course what Reid has in the manpurse is candy.

And then for the bit at the end. "The team shares everything."
See, Rossi, what you don't know is, Hotch told Morgan about that.
"Sharing is a learned skill." Again with the critique of the institutional culture.

My money's on Hotch.

Oh, the lovely lovely lighting at the end, when Rossi takes Gideon's name off the door, and he turns to face the bullpen, the light reflects across the shadow, the square reflection from the name plate and the shattered reflection from that bracelet. Diana Galen's bracelet? Oh, but of course. The lighting guys on this show are fracking geniuses. I offer "Revelations" and the very end of "Jones" as exhibit B and C.

Well, kind of a shallow ep, but pretty solid. Of course, mostly focused on Rossi, not enough of the elements I really tune into the show for--I would have liked more of the kind of elegant network of associations and echoes that I love. I would have liked more exploration of the UnSub's psychology, too, but I have a feeling I know why that isn't in there. (Wanna bet in the original draft it was Gideon going toe to toe with the unsub over the phone there?)

This ep felt, well, more like a police procedural than Criminal Minds. But it was a decent enough episode.

Just keep my ensemble feel, guys or I will be Most Put Out.

I didn't think we were looking at a format change with regard to the Columbo-style-openings of the last few, before these last two--the fandom seems pretty ready to decide that Things Have Changed on the basis of a couple similar episodes in a row. And it seems like, indeed, the show intends to continue to mix up its plot structures. Good. Stay experimental, guys.

As of next week, for six weeks, I will be probably doing the updates Thursday mornings, as I will have a class on Wednesday nights....
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