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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

although the interesting thing, I guess--

--is that last night we got to see what Criminal Minds would be like if it actually were the police procedural its detractors proclaim it....

And on that note, off to World Fantasy! Don't wait up!


Ooh boy, ooh boy, I'm gonna meet Bear!
It was delightful to meet you; I just wish we'd had time to hang out. Lunacon, perhaps?


Lunacon =/= one of my cons, alas...
Have a wonderful time!
Okay, I must ask. I've only watched two episodes of CRIMINAL MINDS, but I was under the impression it was a police procedural. What am I missing? Seriously, this show obviously has a deeper meaning for you and others I read, and I'm curious as to what your take on it is.
Well, I don;t really have time to do a writeup of Why I Love Criminal Minds now, but if you click through the "Geeks with Guns" tag in my sidebar, it will kick up the posts where I discuss it.

Essentially, it's a really subtle and thematically complex character study/examination of the nature of good and evil, nature and nurture, personal responsibility, etc.

And totally unafraid to completely rack up the characters, or show the devastating effects of violence on a person, or let the good guys lose sometimes.

I predict after 5-6 episodes the true crack value will begin to kick in. *g* You can miss what they're actually doing for a good, oh, several eps. (I did.)
Let me essplain.

... No, is too much, let me sum up. :->

You can watch CM as a pure procedural, like CSI with less evidence-analysis montages. However, once someone points it out (Hi Bear!), it becomes almost impossible to miss the other levels on which the writers are working.

A few examples to pull back the curtain for you:
* When talking about the unknown suspect, the profilers are ALWAYS talking about themselves. Always.
* The victims that fight almost always survive; the ones that don't, pretty much always die.
* Every single member of the team has been Seriously Broken somewhere in their past, and in fact every member fits some of the stereotypical predictors for 'who will grow up to be a psychopath'. Like Horatio Caine on CSI:Miami (who actually said as much in an episode) -- and unlike everyone else in any cop show I've ever seen -- they have looked into the face of the darkness, and consciously chosen that they will FIGHT the bad guys, not be the bad guys ...
Ya know, I just never got into that show. It reminded me when I first saw it of that movie with Ben Kingsley and Aaron Eckhardt, Suspect Zero, but not quite as out there.

But then again, I actually like procedurals.

WFC - Sigh

Waves from the hilltop - in the wind, rain, fallen brown leaves and over the paddock fence(s).
Curses and butternuts! Why must I be working and not hanging out with Bear at WFC???