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Pull up! Pull up!

Well, all right.

I have 412 pages here in Standard Manuscript Format, which is something like 105K of manuscript.

Of those 412 pages, perhaps fourteen are outline notes. 365 of those pages are actually contiguous. The rest consist of scattered scenes later in the book.

I am one-third of the way to Done. Which is an extra-good thing, because it means I may only need 300K to wrap this puppy up. Somehow, 1200 MS pages seems so much more manageable than 2000.

I have also internalized a list of things as long as my arm that I need to add to this first third of the book. Including between three and five additional scenes. And the damned thing is getting too big to all fit in my head at once. And I'm a little stuck on one of the plot progressions.

This tells me something.

It's time to go back and do a reread of those 365 pages, and probably write the missing bits, and bring the opening of the book into tune with that I expect the middle to be, and what the ending is shaping up to become. And then I can commence The Dreaded Middle Of The Book refreshed and in good spirits. Also, I have an uncontrollable urge to jump ahead and write The Bit With The Troll.

I may need to break down and do a scene-by-scene outline, rather than the general narrative outline I have been using (and frequently ignoring) so far. I hate scene by scene outlines. They're boring to write.

Wordcount: 374
Reason for stopping: Existential crisis
Strike off their heads, and let them preach on poles.
No doubt, such lessons they will teach the rest,
As by their preachments they will profit much
And learn obedience to their lawful king.
--Christopher Marlowe, Edward II Act III scene ii
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