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"You look like a pipecleaner with eyes."

My show! It's baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Now that passes for an episode of Criminal Minds.

(with notes as watched by the gang, and my notes on rewatch)

[21:00] matociquala: Oh, George Thorogood.*
[21:00] matociquala: never a good sign

Another sprightly summer classic ruined forever by the musical stylings of Criminal Minds.

[21:00] stillsostrange: heee
[21:00] matociquala: is this the first car chase in the history of CM?
[21:01] stillsostrange: Where"s Morgan to tackle it when you need him?

This part of Montana looks an awful lot like the Cajon pass. And this part of Montana looks like the pass to Nevada on 15...
Pumpkin seeds!

[21:01] matociquala: smart cop
[21:02] stillsostrange: LOFFFFFF!

Wow, nice explosion. Poor smart cop.
Reid arguing Star Wars physics. *loff*

[21:03] matociquala: Reid has reasons to protest interteam profiling
[21:03] beatriceeagle: Heeeeeee.
[21:03] beatriceeagle: Reid, are you worried about being profiled?
[21:03] beatriceeagle: The lag is destroying our synchronicity, Bear.

"Maybe he doesn't want to be reminded of past victories?" Or maybe he doesn't want to be reminded of past failures, Em?
Reid is seriously worried about the profiling team members. And morgan with the zinger. He's not part of the team.

Heh, Renaissance art. And an UnSub obsessed with... the Spanish Inquisition. And Rossi gets the quote, and it's an UnSub quote.

[21:04] matociquala: aww, bro and sis with the guilty looks

Reid looks at Prentiss, Prentiss looks away. They're collaborating again...

[21:04] beatriceeagle: XD
[21:05] beatriceeagle: I have to say, as opening scenes go, that was amusing.
[21:06] matociquala: That was a nice cold open.

Stop staring at Prentiss's ass, Dave. It makes us cranky.
"Montana's requestion *our* help?"
JJ and Morgan appear to be wearing each other's clothes. I like the snappy Morgan in the coral shirt, though.
Wow, Jaje has biceps.

[21:09] beatriceeagle: Rossi quote!
[21:09] matociquala: Shut up, dave

When Rossi says "He wants to be remembered," he is totally doing his Mandy impression.
Prentiss does not get the paramilitary mindset.

[21:11] stillsostrange: omg
[21:11] stillsostrange: Prentiss in combat boots...
[21:11] stillsostrange: I'll be in my bunk
[21:11] matociquala: I know!
[21:11] matociquala: OMG. They dyed Paget's hair.
[21:13] beatriceeagle: (Prentiss love.)

"These folks can rest easy knowing the bastard's dead." Hello, mallet o'foreshadowing.

[21:13] beatriceeagle: XD
[21:13] beatriceeagle: *stabs lag*
[21:13] beatriceeagle: The map!

Reid and his pinups. Heh. Goehring. Is that name an accident, Ms. Ly? No, probably not.
"That's your federal government at work."

"He also has a wife!" Garcia cracks the case!

And Prentiss and Hotch are magical with the victim's family.
"I believe you spent all morning going over and over in your head about the last time you saw her. And asking yourself how could it happen. Why did it happen?" And significant shot of the kid. Oh, Hotch, honey. :-(

[21:13] matociquala: hotchloff
[21:14] beatriceeagle: I love my characters.
[21:15] matociquala: "You look like a pipecleaner with eyes."
[21:15] beatriceeagle: XD
[21:15] beatriceeagle: "The way you're wearing that gun -- begging someone to take it off you."
[21:15] matociquala: Heh. okay, resonance. It's my show again.
[21:15] matociquala: Even if Rossi needs to shut up.
[21:15] beatriceeagle: Yeah, yeah.
[21:17] beatriceeagle: That's such a great segue, Reid.
[21:18] matociquala: heh

Rossi gets points for the "But then he isn't alone."
And we recognize Reid's awkward door-knocking technique and self-effacing manner. And in case you missed it--and missed that it's a pose, we have the gun comment.

And Reid lets Rossi know he's on to him, and the little nervous twitch again. "You don't have to tell me."
You don't have to tell him, Dave. He'll find out.
"Hello! Home movies!"

And that quote, a second time in one ep. This time in the UnSub's voice.
"Martin Luther understood the weak will always serve the strong."
Ehe. Oh, the parallels.

"The lord lived on high ground to spot the invader."
"The lord never had to leave his castle."

"There are *eleven* more tapes of this?"

Prentiss with the hopeful comment, and then the survivor walks in. Nice misdirect. Oh, so nice. And nice intercept when the wife wants to leave.
Pattern of victims, huzzah!
And a positive mention of a libertarian militia, possibly a television first.
The wife's conflicted relief at Goehring's death is lovely.

Camera pans across Hotch as Rossi closes in on the unsub's wife. And then-- Reid, there in the background, out of focus, hands in his pockets, twitching slightly, while Rossi is explaining the sadism of the serial killer to his first and only surviving victim.
Oh, wow. "He treated you like a slave. Did what he wanted ,whenever he wanted."

And Hotch cracks the case. And here's Reid, lying in wait with the map...

[21:20] beatriceeagle: Lose.
[21:21] matociquala: big lose
[21:21] beatriceeagle: It is back, isn't it?
[21:21] matociquala: I think it might be
[21:21] matociquala: Sexy camerawork, another good sign.
[21:22] beatriceeagle: Hehehe.
[21:22] matociquala: just in time for the writer's strike.
[21:22] matociquala: just give them their money, studios.
[21:22] beatriceeagle: Seriously.

Oh, COTW, you never promise what you can't deliver.

"She's still warm." And Hotch slides on the Sunglasses Of Justice and starts scanning the horizon for snipers.

Aww, UnSub #2 did it all for love.
I think this is the first time CM has had a homosexual unsub.

[21:24] beatriceeagle: So we now have a name for Rossi's backstory, it seems.
[21:24] matociquala: mebbe
[21:25] matociquala: Reid is not playing fair. *g*
[21:25] matociquala: And good for him.
[21:25] beatriceeagle: XD
[21:25] beatriceeagle: And why should he?
[21:26] matociquala: Hah.
[21:26] matociquala: Reid moved his gun.
[21:26] beatriceeagle: XD
[21:26] matociquala: blue nitrile to match the shirt ;-)
[21:26] beatriceeagle: Rossi's all about making people uncomfortable.
[21:26] beatriceeagle: Hee.
[21:26] stillsostrange: heh
[21:27] stillsostrange: He is
[21:27] matociquala: Prentiss catches the detail again. *g*
[21:27] stillsostrange: Forensic entymology!

And Rossi and Hotch pick a fight with the locals...
"Uh oh."
I love the cop. "We could tune into the state geological survey frequency..."

JJ, still defensive about her competence in the field. "I can handle myself." Refrain!
Morgan sliiides off the Sunglasses of Justice...
Jaje in jeans, a little too hot.

"I wonder which one is more dependable?"

[21:28] beatriceeagle: Profiling the guns.
[21:29] matociquala: morgan is love
[21:30] beatriceeagle: I...Morgan, you are amazing.

This is a shining moment in Morgan history. He's not here for the Man. He's here to save lives.

"There are five other members of your team. Look around you. Why the hell did they send *you* in here?" Oh, trying to drive the wedge.

And shout back to Hotch's line in LDSK. "They knew you were in here, they knew you were armed, and they sent me in here with an unarmed kid who couldn't shoot his way out of a wet paper bag." (thanks to beatriceeagle and her 90% auditory recall for the exact line.)

Wedges and wedges. Is this one real when that one wasn't?

"Hat on, head down."

"Take care, boys." And the card. Derek, you are a class act.

Trophies! Drink! And a list of rules.

"It took time for them to die."

[21:32] beatriceeagle: Oh, Reid.
[21:32] matociquala: Reid knows his medieval torture devices.

I wonder if that's recent reading. Putting a name to things helps sometimes.

The Murphy bed from HELL.

And even Rossi slides into the passive voice in self-defense. "There will be a considerable amount of mutilation."

Profile! No greenscreen. But some nice juxtapositions.

[21:33] beatriceeagle: Agh.
[21:33] beatriceeagle: Can't watch.
[21:34] matociquala: saw that coming
[21:34] stillsostrange: heh
[21:34] matociquala: over now
[21:34] matociquala: (Hi, Mr. Gaunt.)
[21:35] matociquala: (My show, it's back.)
[21:35] beatriceeagle: 'Tis.

"Never let the bastards take you alive. And never be forgotten."

[21:38] beatriceeagle: Poor Garcia.

The job is really starting to take it out of her.

[21:39] matociquala: Reid and Prentiss crack the case
[21:39] matociquala: (and Reid's gun is back in the usual spot)
[21:39] beatriceeagle: Prentiss and Reid, teaming up!

Yeah, they totally pick up on the homoeroticism there. And it's Prentiss who says it. "He's in love with Goehring."
My crackpot Prentiss theory gets another cookie.
"It's called a trucker's hitch. She 's not going anywhere." Setting up the parallel for the end.

"And plant the roses."
Planting roses for the beloved.
Um, not so much.

Footwork montage!
"Avoids eye contact, speaks very little, but when he does he would sound meek, almost feminine." Ahem. Well, yeah, Spencer, sometimes a little...

"Henry Frost." JJ cracks the case!

Barbecue full of burned photos and self-hate. "He has no identity."

"A submissive depends upon a dominant partner not only for instruction, but for purpose and meaning." It's okay, Reid, that hasn't been you since you shook Gideon's hand off at the end of 2x15 and went back to loot the corpse of the man you killed. And you're not trying to be Gideon anymore, even if you can put him on like a mask when you want to.

Smart victim! Victim fights! Please let it work out better for her than for the smart cop.

[21:41] beatriceeagle: Blonde woman = officially my favorite bystander ever.
[21:41] matociquala: Yes
[21:41] stillsostrange: Heh
[21:41] stillsostrange: Yes
[21:42] matociquala: Also, abductee puttin' up a fight
[21:42] stillsostrange: LOL

Get the license plate, lady!
Heh, pumpkin seeds. The role-playing...

As echoed by Rossi and Hotch role-playing the UnSub team. Which we've seen before, haven't we, at the end of Ashes and Dust. "You're Abby. You're a dead man walking. You gotta make it right."

[21:42] beatriceeagle: (This, Rossi? Is why you need the team.)
[21:42] stillsostrange: There's a conversation the slashers will love
[21:42] matociquala: oh yeah
[21:43] matociquala: except they will be sad it wasn't Reid and Morgan
[21:43] beatriceeagle: Yes, yes.
[21:43] stillsostrange: I dunno. Hotch/Rossi would be highly amusing.
[21:44] matociquala: and now, the ENDLESS ACT 5 Commercial break.
[21:44] beatriceeagle: Heeee.
[21:49] matociquala: nice book, Prentiss
[21:50] beatriceeagle: I love them when they're a team.

"When I lose you, I begin to lose my identity, because my sense of self was tied to you."
"I hate myself."

And circular George Thorogood. Oh NOES.

"I'm you."

Dear Dave: The mike is live.

[21:51] matociquala: smart girl. Personalizing yourself is working about as well as it did for Reid, alas.
[21:52] beatriceeagle: My thoughts exactly.

Reid probably knows what a heretic's fork is, too. Bastinado, anyone? He knows that word too.

Aaand of course racist guy is the sharpshooter.

[21:53] beatriceeagle: They all know about Ruby Ridge?
[21:55] stillsostrange: heee
[21:55] matociquala: hee
[21:55] matociquala: they do now

"He can't do this." Oh, Hotch. You are the best Hotch ever.
And the sharpshooter is going to make Rossi work for it. And beg for it.
Oh, Rossi is such a freaking cowboy.

"Maybe your partner will talk him out of there." You know, I think everybody except Rossi was hoping so.

[21:57] stillsostrange: And then he'll tackle you.
[21:57] matociquala: Morgan, come live with me forever and trash-talk my enemies.
[21:57] beatriceeagle: Heeee.
[21:57] beatriceeagle: Morgan, throwing away the cartridge.
[21:57] matociquala: Yeah.
[21:57] matociquala: They're going to break Rossi to harness.
[21:58] matociquala: It's just a matter of time.
[21:58] matociquala: There's six of them and only one of him.
[21:58] beatriceeagle: (Morgan doesn't like killing people.)
[21:58] beatriceeagle: Yup.
[21:58] matociquala: No.
[21:59] matociquala: (my show is back.)
[21:59] beatriceeagle: And I still like Oanh Ly.
[21:59] matociquala: Yes.
[21:59] matociquala: Next up?
[21:59] matociquala: Lucky
[22:00] matociquala: eee.
[22:00] beatriceeagle: Yeah.
[22:00] beatriceeagle: My show. It likes to kill me.
[22:01] matociquala: *Pets show*
[22:09] beatriceeagle: Huh. Why did Rossi say the unsub's quote?
[22:12] matociquala: Because Rossi is the unsub.
[22:12] matociquala: Kind of.
[22:12] beatriceeagle: ...Higher ground.
[22:13] beatriceeagle: Rule alone.
[22:13] beatriceeagle: Yeah, I see it.
[22:13] matociquala: The team doesn't know him.
[22:13] beatriceeagle: This pisses Morgan off.
[22:13] beatriceeagle: Which I find a little ironic.
[22:14] beatriceeagle: But then, I suppose Morgan learned something.

...And Hotch told Morgan *his* secret.

*I am informed that was Stevie Ray Vaughn. Alas, I never did master the difference between them.
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