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thou art too full of the wars' surfeits to go rove with one that's yet unbruised

779 new words on Hell & Earth, and edited/read up to page 102. It's holding together pretty well, actually. Mostly, I'm adding exposition and trying to clarify things to my editor's desires. There's a couple of things that aren't going to get changes, I'm afraid, because of the limits of historical fiction and only having two viewpoint characters, who cannot be everywhere at once. Damn them.

Some of this other stuff might be work, though. We'll see what it looks like when I get there. Jessica thinks there's too much talking in here and not enough stabbing things. Unfortunately, I have the Anthony & Cleopatra problem: historical people do stupider stuff than people in novels do. Because nobody is explaining the plot to historical people, and so they make mistakes and sometimes spend years without making any progress....

We'll see what I can manage. At least I'm trying to make the failures interesting. And fill in the corners with plenty of angst.
Tags: revision wingeing, will & kit's bogus journey

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