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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

first degree, second degree. got any papers? will you read them to me?

Three hours of paperwork and answering email this morning, including one that had been moldering, forgotten, since August. (And no, I'm not done with the email yet, but just be glad you're not that guy from August. Yes, I grovelled.)

This burst of productivity brought to you by ashacat and I bagging on the gym this morning, as she was sick yesterday. This afternoon, I get to go look at houses in Massachusetts again. For now, though, some breakfast and a shower and two hours of editing on Hell & Earth. Which I will pick up again tonight after I get back from the wintry North.

Now, something to eat.

Man, I just looked at my convention schedule for 2008. Aigh! I'm not doing that in 2009. I tell you true.

Made a good run, just a little too slow.
They overtook me in Jericho.


Crooked Still!?

You rock.

Well, you nontraditionally-arranged bluegrass.
Blame coffeeem. She get me hooked.

Also, Crooked Still R serious fun. This is officially my favorite version of Little Sadie ever.
I love my Crooked Still CD. If you like Crooked Still, I recommend the Duhks. They do about half Canadian folk songs and half rocking gospels. Also, one of my favorite concerts.
I haven't heard any Crooked Still, but now I'm interested. listening to the clip from Little Sadie on their site has my fingers itching. looks like they'll be at the Iron Horse on the 18th, maybe I'll get up there. (I'm wanting to go up tonight for Richard Shindell, too, drat it. the Iron Horse is bliss.)

Wanna drive up together?
Well, I just checked, and there are no tickets available through the website, but we can always call the day before and check and see if there will be any at the door.
oh no! usually they don't sell out that fast. :(

they'll be in Fall River tomorrow night, at the Narrows. I've been there; the drawback is it's a farther trip. (plus, last minute) oh Iron Horse, why are your tickets gone?
I'm in Boston tomorrow, drat it all.

Yeah, I've never actually seen the Horse sell out before...
I have. it's a gloomy thing.

ah well. back to deciding what to do for the rest of today and tonight. forward planning always sounds nice...

You're looking for MA houses??

We *love* where we live. Highly recommend. We're a stone's throw from Walden Pond, and about a 20-25 minute commute to downtown. It's woodsy and beautiful but not remote.

Our town and the two towns over are really the places to be, if you want to be close to Boston and not live on the ocean.

Email me!! And and and and and if you come to visit houses, come stay with us in ours!!

kate dot bachus at gmail dot com

I'm not looking close to Boston, but thank you.

And I'm just driving up for the afternoon. *g* I live in Connecticut.

Der, and I knew that, about CT. Somewhere back in the portion of my brain that apparently lies inert at this time of morning. Afternoon. Whatever.

Come visit sometime.
I'll be at Pandemonium Books tomorrow at 1. Come visit ME.

Tomorrow I'm in NYC with my relatives. My MIL is off to Sudan T-day weekend, so we are Summoned a week early.

Otherwise I'd be there in a heartbeat!
What cons you doing?
There's a list on my web page.

No fair making me think for myself!

*weeps piteously*

Hmm, doesn't look like i'll get to see you at all next year unless i drop into readercon.
Oh goodie, you're going to Calgary. That's the one I might get to, if Things Come Through. In the sense of people giving me, y'know, money, in exchange for words.
If the money holds out anyway....

So yeah. *g*

I need to come back to the UK and see peoples.
I need to come back to the UK and see peoples.

Well, that would be nice too...