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first degree, second degree. got any papers? will you read them to me?

Three hours of paperwork and answering email this morning, including one that had been moldering, forgotten, since August. (And no, I'm not done with the email yet, but just be glad you're not that guy from August. Yes, I grovelled.)

This burst of productivity brought to you by ashacat and I bagging on the gym this morning, as she was sick yesterday. This afternoon, I get to go look at houses in Massachusetts again. For now, though, some breakfast and a shower and two hours of editing on Hell & Earth. Which I will pick up again tonight after I get back from the wintry North.

Now, something to eat.

Man, I just looked at my convention schedule for 2008. Aigh! I'm not doing that in 2009. I tell you true.

Made a good run, just a little too slow.
They overtook me in Jericho.
Tags: quotidiana, the glamour!

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