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all is forgiven. mad dog, surrender.

Hi, new folks! I imagine some of you found your way here from Tammy Pierce's blog, and others from dog knows where. 

I'm Bear. Or Ebear.

I write books and short stories and Other Things. (I would call myself a writer of Stuff, but Peter David got there first, and writes more Stuff than I do anyway.) I talk about my job, here, and also my cat, and my hobbies, and books I read, and TV shows I watch. Also, I engage in shameless self-promotion.

Come in, sit down.

Feel free to introduce yourselves, comment, ask questions, hang out, help yourself to the snacks.

I can't actually answer all the comments (I have deadlines!) but I do read them all. And you're welcome to have side conversations in the comment threads, and make yourselves at home, as long as you can be polite to each other.

And now I have to go start a short story that just finally gave me its first line*, and start two three articles, and work on a novel revision, and wonder what the heck the last scene of this other novelette is so I can finish the bloody thing, because it's been sitting on my desk partially written for MONTHS now. Oh, Jackie, give me some sugar, man. How does the story end?

*"I think--now--I've finally met all of Annie Webber."
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