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bear by san

March 2017



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sf doctor who meant to be?

all is forgiven. mad dog, surrender.

Hi, new folks! I imagine some of you found your way here from Tammy Pierce's blog, and others from dog knows where. 

I'm Bear. Or Ebear.

I write books and short stories and Other Things. (I would call myself a writer of Stuff, but Peter David got there first, and writes more Stuff than I do anyway.) I talk about my job, here, and also my cat, and my hobbies, and books I read, and TV shows I watch. Also, I engage in shameless self-promotion.

Come in, sit down.

Feel free to introduce yourselves, comment, ask questions, hang out, help yourself to the snacks.

I can't actually answer all the comments (I have deadlines!) but I do read them all. And you're welcome to have side conversations in the comment threads, and make yourselves at home, as long as you can be polite to each other.

And now I have to go start a short story that just finally gave me its first line*, and start two three articles, and work on a novel revision, and wonder what the heck the last scene of this other novelette is so I can finish the bloody thing, because it's been sitting on my desk partially written for MONTHS now. Oh, Jackie, give me some sugar, man. How does the story end?

*"I think--now--I've finally met all of Annie Webber."


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How does it end?

With a bang? A whimper?

Rocks fall, everybody dies.

... and they lived snarkily ever after.

Re: How does it end?

One can hope, anyway.
Writer of excellent Criminal Minds theories and analysis! :D
we try!

That would be the hobby and fannish part...
hey, I'm Andrea. I'm a friend of beatriceeagle :D
You have good taste in friends.

And would you explain your icon to me? *g*
Hello there. I added you to my friends list awhile ago, but neglected to introduce myself properly. I'm Catt, and I'm also a writer of things that didn't actually happen, but ought to have done.

I hope you don't mind me hanging about -- I promise not to leave the cap off the toothpaste.
Nice to meet you, and that's really all I ask!
I was inspired by the "introduce yourself" and "help yourself to the snacks" parts, so:

Hi, I found you through Doc Brite, but that does really not make much difference. I dabble in the writing of stuff, and generally snark things. *Helps self to snacks* Hello.
Hi! Nice to meet you!
Hello! I'm John, British and American and international and rather too fond of posting pictures of my cats. (This is the Internet, right?)

Your name is one that kept popping up among the various writerly friends we share, so I moseyed on over and had a read. Since I am finally (FINALLY!) getting my life in order to pursue my writerly dream, I thought I'd add you to my friends list. *friendly wave*
Hi! Is that your hair?

Nice to meet you.
Hullo! I, er, actually I found you through Limyaael's friends-page ages ago, and found some of your entries fascinating, and...well, there you have it.

Haha, this feels a bit stalkery.

Name of Emily, ma'am.
Hi! I love the artwork in your icon.

Hi Bear,

I'm Erika. How I found you? Well, some time ago somebody at my favorite fantasy bookshop around the corner recommended "Hammered" to me. After one look at the cover, I declined. But then I stumbled across your name in the internet again and again and I surrendered. Since then I read a lot of your stuff and love it. You write remarkable stuff. I have to read it with a dictionary at hand (I'm from Germany). Usually I am able to deduce most words I don’t know from their context. But not yours. Oh, no. Every two to ten pages, I'll have to look some up and what’s most remarkable: I stay patient. It's a pleasure to swim through your sentences without haste. I like to read your journal, because I learn much about writing. Thanks for that.

Re: Hi Bear,

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying my books, and your English is no doubt *much* better than my German. (I had a year many years ago, but recall just about enough to read a menu.)

Nice to meet you.
Hi. I'm Kristin, and I found you after I found Carnival in my college's bookstore and loved it.
I'm glad! I'm very fond of that one myself. *g*
This is, rather than the incredibly witty and smart comment about the Annie Webber story and how much I want to read it when you're done that I just can't phrase, a stand-in. And I may edit in something witty and smart later, if I suddenly become witty and smart.

More coffee, perhaps.

So the next time you make it to Cambridge? We want to take you to the coffee shop.
Ummm. Found your LJ via some fortuitous conjunction of Emma Bull's LJ and re-reading Blood and Iron, which I had first read back when. I am fascinated by your writing about the act of writing, and stand utterly in awe of a mind that can hold such complex creations.
Aw, shucks. Thank you. It's really just a parlor trick--I'm a nonlinear thinker, so everything I write looks more complex than it actually is. *g*
Yup, I'm one of the new ones, thanks to purpleyarrow, who read a recent post about reading slush piles, and I had to join the fun, since I read them, too.
Hi! Supernice to meet you. Who do you slush for? And I'm sorry....
Eh, still here, still unbearable quiet most of the time.

However, I must crawl out of my shell for a moment and thank you and Sarah Monette for writing A Companion to Wolves. It was given to me as a birthday present (the kind of present that involves dragging your brother to the bookstore and demanding that this be your gift) on Friday and was finished in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

I could squee for a while about all kinds of pretty, pretty things, but the basic idea is that I really, really needed a good read to balance me out. And you guys gave it to me. Thanks.
Oh, excellent. And thank you.

That's what we're here for, really. *g*
I believe I added you and truepenny at the same time, because you both kept cropping up in nephele's entries and every time I followed one of her links, I found articulate, thought-provoking prose in both the linked entry and those surrounding it. I stayed because I also enjoy the tales of Cat and Monkey :D and because you remind me why I started reading sff in the first place, what I loved about it, and that once upon a time I wanted to write it, too. Getting back into writing via fanfiction after a long hiatus taught me many things, most notably that my strength as a writer is character interaction and relationships (including the not-so-PG aspects of that) but after trying to aim at the narrow mind-set of romance or even paranormal romance, I pretty much retreated back to derivative fiction in disgruntlement and that's where I am at the moment, playing in someone else's world for a while longer and still learning.

I go by Tas, btw. Not on my birth certificate but mine nontheless. ;D
Hi, Tas.

Character interaction is my favorite part too.

Well, that and testing to destruction.

I can't handle romance, alas--HEA gives me hives. So I'm right there with you.

I think fanfic can be a really useful learning tool, honestly. I think there are ways it can limit the growth curve, too, but you know, you can say that about everything.

Good luck. And stop by any time.
In all honesty, I don't remember how I got to your page, but I'm here now!

My name's Brett. I write. I've written for half a dozen projects with White Wolf Game Studios. I've got half a novel written. I doodle now and then with a wide variety of forms and genres.

Thanks for the warm welcome. It's much appreciated. If you do have a chance and care to peruse, you can see my more literary (if I dare use that word in reference to my own work :) here and an irregular (in SO many ways) series of pieces recounting my adventures with George Takei* here.

Thanks again!

*I'm sure it goes without saying, but it's a funny world we live in, so forgive me for stating the obvious - I don't know George Takei and any references to him in my works are PURELY (good god, I HOPE so!) fictional and (Again - I HOPE so) funny. :)

Edited at 2007-11-11 08:47 pm (UTC)

Hey, (almost) any fan of George Takei's is all right with me.
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