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bear by san

March 2017



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like a castle in a corner in a medieval game

book report #78, Tamora Pierce, Beka Cooper: Terrier.

This is the first book I have read for pleasure since September. Which kind of horrifies me, but there you go. I've actually started several, but mostly they haven't been singing to me.

This is a clever, plotty YA fantasy/mystery/adventure, unflinching about nasty realities of life on the street, full of juicy worldbuilding, engaging, fast-paced, with an outstanding heroine. I really enjoyed it a lot.

Also, pigeons.


This was my favorite out of all of her books, and the first one that I've considered Chickie might have to wait a couple of years before she reads it.
Hmm. I'm probably a bad person to ask: I was reading John Norman in second grade (and laughing at it.)
I think I've read all of her books, and I have to say, I really liked this one. To the point where I'm annoyed that the next one in the trilogy isn't out yet. =)
I somehow managed to not actually read her previously, and now I am glad I started. It's a really toughminded book, for a YA, but not horrifically so.

Now I have to decide between the Doc Holliday biography, the book on restoring old houses, and Carmen Dog.

I think the book on restoring houses is winning, for practical reasons.
I wish I had time to read more books for pleasure.

Currently, I'm halfway through EAT LOVE PRAY by Elizabeth Gilbert (which is fabulous, btw), THE CHILD GODDESS by Louise Marley, and GETTING THINGS DONE (because you know, productivity, always could use work =).

And I'm terribly itching to start THE SERPENT BRIDE by Sara Douglass, and the new Eloisa James novel comes out on Tuesday.... but alas, I have to read client manuscripts first.
Hee. Yeah. The publishing industry is made of people who loved reading so much they got too busy to do it for fun anymore....
We've read all Tammy Pierce's books, and can definitely see her progression as an author.
One interesting aspect of this is how, as the series progresses, the challenges get *smaller* and equally more interesting.

Where once she wrote of epic heroes against kingdom-threatening evil, she now tells of people with minor abilities who fight criminals -- and the latter are much better stories.
I've read almost all of her books (with the exception of the second set of Circle books and the latest Sandry book, also in the Circle-verse). I came across her stuff when I was in Girl Scouts, and I can not emphasise enough how reading Alanna at that age just really stuck with me. I was delighted to see the direction she took with Terrier. (I even got me a bound not-complete galley from Comic-con before it came out, which TOTALLY made my day. The Comic-con the year before I met you, btw.)

Her stuff is the shiznit. (The earlier books will reflect their place in her resume. It is a bit rougher and more simplistic in many ways. But still pretty good.)

I rank Terrier as one my favourites.
I love that book - it's on my "try to borrow this and die!" shelf.

What's an MHG, Jodes?
Oh! Those!

Yeah, the pigeons really make the book (IMHO).

Unfortunately, last I checked, the sequel's been put off till 2009 - 8-(
I loved Terrier, also. And this was my first Tamora Pierce book. I keep looking at them on the shelf in my library and think "I should read some of those, they sound like just the stuff I love." But, do I, no.

There are so many books to read and I seem to have less reading time. (It could be all the guitar practicing *g*)
Heh. Books. I used to like those!

Bookstores. I used to like those!

Now, I go into a bookstore and it seems WAY to much like I'm at work.
Thanks for posting this; it's reminded me that there's a new Tammy Pierce book out. :) I've read everything she's written prior to this new series, and loved every one of them (for different reasons, too!). I think you can really see her grow and test her wings and get moving throughout her works, and that's a good thing for other writers to see -- that it can be done, and it's okay to branch out and try different/new things. She's easily one of my favourite writers, especially when I want something quick and easy as a companion for a lazy bathe in the evening. :)
I've read every one of her books, all in the last two years. Terrier is among her best! I recommend the books about Kel to a lot of people (First Test/Paige/Squire/Lady Knight), really great girl-power fantasy, fast and fun to read.

...And she's on LJ which makes her even cooler!
Tamora Pierce's first books are her worst. And they're still good.

Because every book she's written has been better than her previous ones. Or, to look at it a different way, each book that you read that is EARLIER is not as good. Which, frankly, is the direction you WANT to be going as a writer, I figure. But, yeah, the Alanna books are not as good as the Dane books which are not as good as the Kel books -- and I'm liking Beka Cooper even better than I like Kel.

In her other world, THE CIRCLE OPENS books are better than THE CIRCLE OF MAGIC books -- even though the first series is wonderful.

Now, that's not 100% true: I don't like the Trickster's Choice duology as much as I like Kel, and I don't like THE WILL OF THE EMPERESS, the first book in THE CIRCLE REFORGED as much as I liked THE CIRCLE OPENS. But still, in general, the later her stuff is the better it is. Which means that all of us fans are always desperate for her next book -- because we expect it to be even better than her previous ones.

And the thing is -- I honestly feel that the weaknesses in her first books feed into why she's such a wonderful role-model for teenage-and-younger-proto-writers. Because she UNDERSTANDS them.

Alanna is a total Mary-Sue. So, she's the girl who fights better than any man, PLUS she has magic, PLUS she has red hair, PLUS she has purple eyes, PLUS she has a freakin' telepathic cat who ALSO has purple eyes. And the handsome prince AND the devilish Prince of Thieves are both totally in love with her.

But the book is good.

So, a ten-year-old girl who has written total Mary-Sue fanfic can read the Alanna books, and see similarities. But then can keep reading and see how to do it right. And, because Tammy Pierce started by publishing a Mary-Sue story, she's totally not condescending to teenager who is writing Mary-Sues of her own. She's supportive of them, and they respond to it. You must have seen her around cons, followed around by a trail of pre-teen girls like a row of ducklings.

If I didn't like her books, I'd STILL love Tammy Pierce for how she treats young fans. But I do like her books, too.