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i'll give you everything i've got for a little peace of mind

five random things make a post, because something just made me miss wilfulcait an awful lot all of a sudden.

1) Today so far was a ton of work on the secrit projekt, all mostly administrative/website stuff. But it was good work, and it needed to be done.

2) Next work, after I get a cup of coffee, is some revisioning at Hell & Earth. I am on page 234, more or less, though I will have to go back and write insert scenes here and there.

3) This morning I thought that my car wouldn't start, and I was going to have a fit of brain fever, but then I realized I'd stupidly parked it with the steering wheel cranked all the way over and so the key wasn't turning in the ignition. A little jiggling, though, and it came unstuck. For my sins, however, this afternoon when I went to make the coffee, earlier, first I fumbled the cardamom getting it out of the spice cabinet and dropped it, and it fell into one of my favorite bowls and cracked it. (*sad*) And then the coffee grinder broke. And then, when I put the coffee beans into the blender to grind them, because by GOD I really needed the coffee now, that worked find, but when I took the blender apart to clean it after, the rubber o-ring came unglued from the bottom of the glass bit. Yes, that's right, I suffered an O-ring failure.

Sigh. Also, I was moody all day, and feel like I have been behaving badly to a friend, and I hate that. And there's some other stress too, but it's not my stress to put on the internets.

4) Today was physical therapy day. My back is improving by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately, what this means in practical terms is that now my massage therapist is working on breaking up "releasing" the ginormous lumps of scar tissue under my left shoulderblade.

Yes, that does suck exactly as much as it sounds like it sucks.

Direct quote: "You did good! You just whimpered a little, and didn't even scream!"

She also thinks that it's really funny that the more functionality she gives me back, the more stupid sports I take up.Which reminds me, tomorrow really needs to be a yoga day. And right now, I need to go get some naproxen.

By the way, I know a really good massage therapist in central Connecticut, if anybody needs one.

5) 363.7 miles to Lothlorien.

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