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So, so; was never devil thus bless'd before.

I like the mornings when I don't have anywhere to be immediately. I find I get a lot of work done before nine or ten when I can just get up and settle in without having to worry about getting ready for the gym.

Page 369 of the manuscript, and I have reached the climax.

It's rather a long climax. In multiple parts. Kind of like the one on Worldwired, where the last third of the book is boom.

That's not surprising, actually--The Stratford Man, in its two parts (Ink & Steel and Hell & Earth) , is nearly as long as the Jenny books, in their three (Hammered, Scardown, and Worldwired.) Which is to say, the collective length of the Jenny books is around 320,000 words. And the collective length of the Elizabethan books is around 290,000. That's manuscript wordcount, not MS Word wordcount. So the climax of each narrative has to bring all of the disparate elements in and resolve them.

Hmm. If I get really lucky, I might make it all the way through the grovel today. And then there will be nothing left but to write the chunk of stuff that I handled as exposition in the previous drafts, which Jessica wants on stage.

This is actually coming together. My my.

Between the grovel through for continuity and suck and the writing of the new big chunk, though, there will be some nonfiction, and some bios and photos I need to get people, however. And some paperwork. I really need to get this stuff done.

Then, the new stuff for Hell & Earth. And then the short stories that need written or finished. And the revisions to the first chapter of By the Mountain Bound for casacorona's hopeful approval. (Happy birthday, dear editrix!). And then those two novellas. And then, in January, I start Chill. Which I would really like to have a draft of by April, because oh, lord, the con season starts again in April.

Busy is good, right?

Also, it would be nice if my biannual royalty statements showed up some time soon. I'd like to have some idea how the books are doing....

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