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suppose i kept on singing love songs just to break my own fall

Book report #79, George Nash, Renovating Old Houses.

Read on retrobabble's unsuggestion. Full of crunchy useful information, especially about all the horrible things that can go wrong with your foundation.

I got through the fiddle-details grovel through the draft of Hell & Earth today, before I finished reading this book. So I just have the new writing to do, and I'm not doing it today.

I may be starting to internalize an essential truth of the life of the freelance writer, which is this: writing is like housework, which is to say that no matter how much of it you do, there will always be something else that needs to be done. And therefor, the proper approach is to do enough to keep it beaten back to manageable levels, and not worry about finishing everything today.

Well, that only took seven years to learn.

Now I need to go over these contracts and mail them back to people who might give me moneys, and then tomorrow I will write the bios and articles I owe. And maybe Thursday I will start work on the new writing.

But tonight I am going to go fall off walls.
Tags: 100 book reports, the writer at work
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