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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology need bears fozzie & kermit

you'll listen to it twice, because the dj is asleep

I topped out on the easiest wall tonight. Go team me!

Tomorrow, I try the other easiest wall again, and probably fall off again. But I will try it when I am fresh, and maybe I will do better than I did the last two times.


Go you!

I hope to someday be healthy enough to climb walls again. Best forearm-building exercise ever, bar none. I don't care what anybody else says, there can't be anything better than clinging for dear life to a tiny bit of bumpy to build muscles. I am convinced the extra adrenaline actually does help put on muscle.

I will stick to nice clean indoor rocks from now on though. I have climbed in Wales, and it's damn humiliating to struggle up a cliff in the rain, fingernails full of wet moss and mud and worse, only to reach the top and have a sheep looking down at you like "You moron, there's a path right over there."

Then again, being a couple hundred feet up said cliffs only to have a fighter jet screech by at eye level, close enough to read the guy's helmet, was pretty awesome. The second time, anyway. The first time I panicked and dug my claws into the cliff and screamed a little, I admit.
That just doesn't sound like fun.
Hehe, oh I dunno. Kinda sounds like fun to me. :)
Ah, the joy of the personal challenge. And, soon, ripped arms.