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bear by san

March 2017



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peer outreach.

skzbrust, better known as Steven Brust, author and banjo player--but don't hold that against him--is a friend of mine. He's been sick on and off the last couple of years, and hospital bills mount up.

Writers are self-employed sorts, and often do not have good medical coverage. (It's part of the price we pay to live our lives of luxury and leisure.)

Steve is facing bankruptcy. Because friends ganged up on him and made him do it, Steve has instituted a tip jar.

As another mutual friend, pecunium, put it:

I'd make some pitch, or a plea to your better natures, or an ode on the virtues of charity, but that's not the point. He could use some help. I think helping him is a good thing. If you agree, that's how you can help


SRSLY. Writers who have to spend time declaring bankruptcy are writers who have less time to write books.
I've passed this on. I hope it helps. Mr. Brust is one of the group whose writing and music saved me when I was trapped in the dark.
First of all, what a great thing to do for a friend in need!

Second of all, I'm not gonna scream and go into a total fangirl frenzy but...you know Steven Brust.
I LOVE his books! Seriously, love them! :D
He's one of my favourite authors, right there with Neil Gaiman and Diana Wynne Jones. :)
He's a seriously great dude. (And trust me, every so often, I go "I know Steven Brust? What the hell?")
Can I link to this entry then?
Thanks for the link to the tip jar. I haven't read as much of his work as I'd like, but "To Reign in Hell" changed my outlook on a number of things. I dropped what I could afford in there.
Thank you.

I really like his stuff. Bigtime. And him too.
Banjo tormentor?
If you're one of the people who ganged up on him, we all thank you.

Alas, I didn't. (There was already a pigpile when I got there.)
Done and done. And do I really need to say how badly it sucks that he's in this position because he doesn't have health insurance?

Bah. I wave my paw at this administration.
Welcome to my life. :-P
I was fretting that I can only give a minuscule amount, then realized that is still *something*... and I can do at least that much again next month, and so on. I wouldn't have made it through disability-caused homelessness, yadda yadda, without help from friends. Even though I haven't much, it's important to me to attempt to pay it forward.

Thanks for posting this.
Hey. Thank you.

Re: the posting. Someday it will probably be me, you know? :-P

(I love my job.)
Another one who can only give minutely - but it's STEVEN BRUST - there's no way in hell I couldn't give.
Thank you.

He's had a rough couple of years.
"Loiosh, why are we doing this again?"

"Do you really want all that time with that box to be wasted?"

"Good point."

[contribution made]
Thank you.
Yeah, I forget all the "famous" people I know.

Then it hits me upside the head.



Fund raising for Steve

Since you posted this I'm hoping you won't mind posting a follow-up to let people know that nekokamiko has set up a CafePress shop specifically to raise funds for skzbrust. It's at www.cafepress.com/dragaera and called the Adrilankha Gift Shop. It offers a number of items including my favorite, the 'Shut up, Loiosh' button.

Re: Fund raising for Steve

Thanks for letting me know.