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i never got my leg over a camel before

[21:15] matociquala: Bear is puking raw goat testicle.
[21:15] leahbobet: ...
[21:15] matociquala: It's a banner Man vs. Wild
[21:15] matociquala: *g*
[21:15] leahbobet: Why would one wish to do this?
[21:15] matociquala: Um.
[21:15] matociquala: The berber gave him one to eat
[21:15] matociquala: and it didn't stay down
[21:15] beatriceeagle: Oh. Not you Bear.
[21:15] leahbobet: Is the berber now laughing?
[21:16] matociquala: we would guess
[21:16] matociquala: Mohammed seems to like Bear.
[21:16] matociquala: (Bear Grylls, Bea.)
[21:16] matociquala: (He's a guy who does a survival show.)
[21:16] beatriceeagle: Yes, I got that.
[21:16] beatriceeagle: It was very confusing for the first line, though.
[21:16] matociquala: ee yes
[21:16] leahbobet: It's amusing that we are now at the point that...having named Bear Bear to differentiate from all the Sarahs, we now need to differentiate between our Bears.
[21:17] leahbobet: the system broke down somewhere here. :-P
[21:17] katallen: ah yes, feed the stranger the ickiest thing you can think of time
[21:17] leahbobet: Natto!
[21:17] leahbobet: That's the ickiest thing ever.
[21:17] matociquala: LOL
[21:17] katallen: ::fears::
[21:18] matociquala: Natto is FUCKING GROSS
[21:18] matociquala: grosser than somebody else's fingers
[21:18] leahbobet: Yes.
[21:18] leahbobet: I would eat fingers before natto.
[21:18] beatriceeagle: Is that now the standard measure of grossness?
[21:18] matociquala: I would eat silkworm larvae before natto
[21:18] matociquala: Yeah, it's pretty handy
[21:18] matociquala: *g*
[21:19] matociquala: I would eat lutefisk before natto
[21:19] leahbobet: I have never had lutefisk.
[21:19] leahbobet: But I have Heard Stories.
[21:19] beatriceeagle: I am now googling lutefisk.
[21:19] matociquala: *swedish*
[21:19] matociquala: Hi.
[21:19] leahbobet: hee.
[21:20] beatriceeagle: XD
[21:20] beatriceeagle: That looks...unappetizing.
[21:20] matociquala: the family joke is
[21:20] leahbobet: I'd say I'd eat that smoked fish with the eyeballs in that staaaaares at you while you eat it before natto, but I actually like that fish. *g*
[21:20] matociquala: that we started doing it because the vikings wouldn't steal it.
[21:20] matociquala: My grandfather, who was an immigrant, wouldn' touch the stuff.
[21:21] matociquala: Now he's barfing raw camel fat.
[21:21] beatriceeagle: Oh. Not your grandfather.
[21:21] matociquala: no, Bear
[21:21] beatriceeagle: Why do I keep misreading these things?
[21:21] matociquala: usually he can choke down ANYTHING
[21:21] beatriceeagle: Misinterpreting.
[21:21] matociquala: this is impressive
[21:22] matociquala: okay, this is effing gross even by Bear standards.
[21:22] leahbobet: I would eat camel fat before natto.
[21:23] matociquala: he's now drinking the fluid from the dead camel's rumen
[21:23] matociquala: you know, this may be why CM doesn't normally squick me
[21:23] katallen: no camel fat?
[21:24] matociquala: Because I am watching Bear Grylls disembowel a camel.
[21:24] matociquala: with his hands
[21:24] matociquala: and consume its bodily fluids...
[21:24] matociquala: BEAR YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT.
[21:24] leahbobet: ...what did he not just say?
[21:25] matociquala: he's turning the camel cadaver over to skin it.
[21:25] matociquala: "I never got my leg over a camel before."
[21:25] matociquala: I bet they cut that line when it airs on UK tv
[21:26] leahbobet: ...
[21:26] leahbobet: oh that's bad.
[21:26] matociquala: ...
[21:26] matociquala: I love this show.
[21:27] matociquala: It's so effing wrong
[21:27] matociquala: "Camel meat is low in cholesterol."
[21:27] beatriceeagle: *blinks*
[21:28] beatriceeagle: I don't think I want to watch this show.
[21:28] matociquala: It's awesome
[21:28] matociquala: in its hideousness
[21:28] matociquala: "I'm sleeping on a dead camel's neck."
[21:28] leahbobet: *fine by me)
[21:28] matociquala: "I'll never get this one past the wife."
[21:28] leahbobet: where * = (
[21:28] matociquala: hee
[21:29] beatriceeagle: Heh.
[21:29] beatriceeagle: Also fine with me.
[21:29] beatriceeagle: Although I don't know what's wrong with me tonight. I had to stare at that sentence for thirty seconds before I got it, Leah.
[21:29] beatriceeagle: I kept seeing it as a smilie.
[21:30] leahbobet: yes, it looks like a puzzled frown. *g*
[21:30] matociquala: ehe
[21:30] matociquala: one-eyed frown
[21:30] beatriceeagle: The Internet age has finally destroyed my mind.
[21:30] leahbobet: it is the semiotic discontent of my inability to type.
[21:30] matociquala: also, brits have better slang than we do.
[21:30] matociquala: "Got a leg over" is FTW.
[21:30] matociquala: And I always forget it.
[21:30] beatriceeagle: Well, that was never in question.
[21:48] matociquala: Bear just bit the HEAD OFF A LIVE FROG.
[21:49] matociquala: At least it was over fast for the frog.
[21:49] matociquala: 0.0
[21:49] katallen: I wonder if I can take a contract out on this man
[21:50] matociquala: Well, I eat meat that probably suffers more than that frog did.
[21:50] beatriceeagle: But...
[21:50] matociquala: So really, I can't be too much of a hypocrite about it
[21:50] matociquala: but still, live frog
[21:50] beatriceeagle: But it's a frog. Why would you eat a frog?
[21:50] katallen: true, but he's randomly picking up animals and biting them
[21:50] matociquala: Because you are out in the desert and have nothing else to eat.
[21:51] beatriceeagle: Not only would they almost certainly taste bad, they're cute.
[21:51] matociquala: Essentially, the premise of the show is they strand him somewhere without food or water
[21:51] beatriceeagle: Okay, yes, that's a point.
[21:51] matociquala: and some jerk with a camera follows him around and films him while he suffers
[21:51] leahbobet: And he bites things until he gets out?
[21:51] matociquala: *g*
[21:51] matociquala: pretty much
[21:51] tanaise: Personally, I'd bite the camera man first.
[21:51] leahbobet: I wonder if the local wildlife go "oh noes! Bear is coming!" ahead of time, sound the siren, and fleeeee
[21:51] katallen: ::isn't sure that people who get stranded somewhere without food and water shouldn't have to take their chances... like the frog::
[21:52] tanaise: hello, cannibalism: perfectly acceptable in a stranded situation.
[21:52] katallen: and tastier
[21:52] leahbobet: *keeps fingers away from Kat*
[21:52] matociquala: mm
[21:53] tanaise: sure, it's harder to kill a cameraman than a frog
[21:53] beatriceeagle: But there would be more meat on him/her.
[21:53] tanaise: but surely you can lure him into some sort of situation, and then, yeah, much less work over time.
[21:53] beatriceeagle: Though there are probably more frogs in the desert than cameramen.
[21:53] leahbobet: Is 180 pounds of cameraman or frog more stain on your soul?
[21:53] matociquala: also, the meat would rot
[21:53] beatriceeagle: And meat's got to spoil quickly.
[21:53] leahbobet: with the cameraman it's one kill.
[21:53] matociquala: bea
[21:53] matociquala: brain
[21:53] matociquala: mine
[21:53] matociquala: no footprints
[21:53] tanaise: you could dry the meat.
[21:54] beatriceeagle: I say it's mine right now, Bear.
[21:54] matociquala: mmmm
[21:54] tanaise: cameraman jerky!
[21:54] matociquala: older
[21:54] matociquala: had it first
[21:54] beatriceeagle: Yeah, but you were using it the other day.
[21:54] matociquala: Besides, I'm trying to write this article
[21:54] beatriceeagle: How would you dry meat in the desert?
[21:54] beatriceeagle: Okay, fine, take the brain.
[21:54] matociquala: slice it thin and drape it over a rock
[21:54] leahbobet: mmm sliced brain.
[21:55] tanaise: it's not like it's hard to dry meat in a desert setting.
[21:55] beatriceeagle: This is possibly true. But does he have a knife?
[21:55] matociquala: He's now free-climbing a rock face, Kat
[21:55] matociquala: you may get your wish
[21:55] tanaise: he can make one out of frog bones.
[21:55] leahbobet: oh, and then when the cawing birds come down to investigate your sliced meat on rocks?
[21:55] matociquala: yeah, he used it to skin his hump.
[21:55] leahbobet: you bite their heads too.
[21:55] matociquala: er, camel hump
[21:55] leahbobet: it's like startup capital.
[21:55] beatriceeagle: Bear, stop saying things I can so easily misinterpret.
[21:55] tanaise: and then you can also make yourself a cape.
[21:56] matociquala: ehe.
[21:56] beatriceeagle: Out of the bird or the cameraman?
[21:56] matociquala: Two more years, and I'm no longer contributing to your delinquency....
[21:56] leahbobet: then she will be a delinquent all by herself?
[21:56] matociquala: yep
[21:57] beatriceeagle: Oh, I think I'm already doing that.
[21:57] tanaise: I am having apple crisp for dinner tonight.
[21:58] beatriceeagle: I can innuendo with the best.
[21:58] tanaise: though I don't think it's going to work as well as it should.
[21:58] leahbobet: mmmmm
[21:58] matociquala: mmm
[21:58] matociquala: the cat is tasting me.
[21:59] matociquala: I should not let her watch this show.
[21:59] leahbobet: LOL
[21:59] beatriceeagle: "But monkey, I'm stranded. In this apartment."
[21:59] leahbobet: there's a radiator, she can make jerky.

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