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i'm your huckleberry

This morning, I wrote a 1956-word-draft of the Annie Webber story. I spent the afternoon learning to belay, and managed to not even drop my friend on the pointy rocks. Yay!

Now, I have to cut 1006 words out of this 1956-word draft and somehow wind up with a really good story.

I have a pot of almond-vanilla tea, a bottle of vodka, some chewable vitamin C, and the second season of The Muppets on DVD.

If I'm not back by Monday morning, send help.

After this, my only remaining projects for the year are finishing the Hell & Earth rewrite, writing two novellas (Wehrwolf, which still needs a real name, and Bone & Jewel Creatures), finishing "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree," writing "Wind-Up Boogeyman," and maybe writing a short story collab with truepenny in the "Boojum"verse, if we can find the time. Oh, and I need to revise that first chapter of By the Mountain Bound.

Really, it's coming under control. That's only sixty, eighty thousand words or so. :-P

If I can get this done today, I can start the really no kidding final pass on Hell & Earth tomorrow.
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