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soldiers, they don't confuse it for love girl

More climbing tonight. At Alisa's instigation, I sent a 5.6*, though I think I might have cheated a little--the tape was very confusing. I shall have to try again next week, using the other possible foothold. *g*

I've beaten two of the 5.5s, but the third one still defeats me. It's got a nasty overhang and I haven't yet developed the right combination of upper body strength, balance, and go to get over it.

But I'll get there. I'm starting to feel more confident and develop an idea of how to move on the wall, which is nice.

(*cvillette and Steve-at-the-climbing-gym tell me I have to start using the proper terminology now, so I can be one of the cool kids.)
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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