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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

when i grow up, i'm going to be the mississippi.

It's snowing!


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Nothin' here yet. I need pictures!
Did you really have to remind me? ;-)
*happy snow dance*

Admittedly, my commute involves stumbling down the hall.

*if* I didn't take the laptop to bed.
grrrrr...snow is a four-letter work, you know.
It's raining!
Yesterday on the English-language radio station here, they said, "Get out your jackets, the temperature's going to drop! It's going all the way down to 16!"

That would be about 62, for those who don't feel like doing the math. I was in colder weather than that this past *summer*, in northern Europe!

Is the title of this one from Lucinda WIlliams, the one that begins, "When I grow up I'm going to be an old woman"?
I think that's Michelle Shocked, isn't it?

And no, it's a Greg Brown quote. *g*
A teeny, tiny bit of "bad weather" (including snow) over here yesterday and most of the ways into Sheffield were gridlocked for the morning.

The snow never even got into the city, as far as I can tell.

Honestly, you'd think it was Alaska...
reporting from Sheffield - we had snow. Just overnight and it was all gone by morning. But I am at the top of one of them hills. *G* We have our own micro-climate.

I think Snake Pass was closed though.

Heaven help us if we ever get more than a few inches of the white stuff *G*
That is one of the best entry titles I've ever seen.

Greg Brown!
YAY! It just got here. Only snow sprinkles but the first snow fall of the year!
If it's the same front, there's big LUMPS coming. *g*

*pulls up damp collar of raincoat*

*envies some more*
Well, down here IN Mississippi (and yes, I can see the River out the library windows as I type) we're supposed to top out at EIGHTY degrees today, so I'm feeling all envious. (The Weather Idiots claim it's gonna turn cold tomorrow night, but who believes 'em? Not me!)

It's sunning! *grin* Aren't we both happy campers?
Yeah, I had that in Las Vegas. What do you mean it's December? There are PANSIES.
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