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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds hotch save your life

Those who live by the phone, shall die by the phone.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

Also, Criminal Minds fandom is taking up a collection for crew members of the show (which is to say, the guys* who work paycheck to paycheck and do the hard unglamorous bits, and who are not on strike, but who can't work without shows in production) affected by the strike. Information on how to donate here.

Suggested donation is $2.00; all monies will be distributed anonymously.

It's not a bad idea for other fandoms to set up a similar fund, I think.

*I'm a Yankee. "Guys" is gender-non-specific up here.


>*I'm a Yankee. "Guys" is gender-non-specific up here.

I've had some difficulty explaining that to folks on-line.
Indeed. *g*
Would that be Leo Lenox in that icon?
Yep! Patience himself.

*I'm a Yankee. "Guys" is gender-non-specific up here

*G* I got that one. I think I misunderstood "Oi" in a previous comment you made once though. Over here, it means "Hey" - in a kind of "Hey you" annoyed sort of way. I think it is a sign of agreement over t'pond?

And the thought of KT Tunstall doing "Get Yr Freak On" is both disturbing and intriguing me. I must find this tune.
Oh, in USain, it's a noise of minor distress and sympathy. Sometimes written, "oy."

As opposed to OI! MOSH!

"oy" is from the Yiddish, and is a prelude to a woe-is-life... "oy gevalt, such a fuss, better I should face the wall and die!"

The non-Jewish usage has evolved somewhat, however.
non-Yiddish use, if you want to be as hair-splittingly accurate as possible. Jews and non-Jews use Yiddish, knowingly or not.
Yep. "Guys" is pretty general out here in Southern California, too. As is "dude." ;)
There's also a pencil campaign that's been started, for sending boxes of unused pencils (for the non-writing writers) to the corp hq. Extra monies will go to the solidarity fund (for non-striking union workers not working). You can send each box in honor of a certain show. I can't remember what the link is, but fans4writers has it on their news page. Or maybe even their main page. (I'm without interwebbiness these days so a little out of the loop and time-crunched.)
Yup. I linked it earlier this week. *g* And sent a box on behalf of my fandom.