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Hal Duncan takes on  the Zemeckis Beowulf.

Do yourself a favor and put your coffee down first.

Today, in the Glamourous Life Of a Writer, I have Cleaned the Entire Apartment. Thoroughly. Laundry still needs to be folded and pies still need to be made, however, and tomorrow I have to read this book I might be blurbing.

I suspect no actual work is getting done until Sunday, dammit.


The thing is, while I can't find a single thing to disagree with in Duncan's review, I somehow feel that I enjoyed it more than he did.
me too, to a point. I liked it. A lot. As I said on his page, I thought that the movie brought the salient point of how wordfame, incorrect tho it might be, is powerful. Beowulf is just a guy; we know that -- but because he's BEOWULF, he tries to live up to his rep, and because of that, does truly heroic things...
Also, in reply to your quote there, I don't recall seeing Jolie's feet as shoes, instead of her just sort of walking on the balls of her feet.

(But, I might have been looking at something else at the time. 20 foot tall nude man did kind of grab my attention...)

ETA: Also, if you look at the reflections of her while she comforts grendel, you notice that she doesn't look human at all. In fact, she looks nigh draconic.. Couple that with the fact that she shows up looking like the Queen, and it's more that she's a shapeshifter (or a clouder of minds). Why fight him when she knows that he can't resist a pretty girl?

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My favorite was cause, um, bad parenting is resolved by infanticide?

When I saw a preview for Beowulf and it showed a weird golden wench as Grendel's mother, I knew that this was Not Going to Turn Out Well.

I guess he didn't see the satire. :)
Oh, what a wonderful review!! (Thanks so much for the link!)
As I read it, I kept hearing it in Zero Punctuation's voice, which made it even better.

( Can't like at work, since it's fire walled, but he does reviews of games, and they're hilarious. )
*g* Thanks for the warning!! That was a brilliant review!
Had to stifle my laughter at work. Brilliant! I <3 Hal Duncan! Thanks for sharing.
Oh my.... that's hilarious.

I think I'll pass on this one. I prefer my movies to have more meat and less candy.
Thanks for the link and the warning!

Haven't seen the movie yet, but the review was hysterical.
It really is.

Hal is funny, smart, *and* he can rub words together. I'd say we needed ten more like him, but then I'd be out of a job.
He is seriously one of my favorite people...