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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

"Wait... is David Bowie really god?"

Best episode of the season so far, I think. Very nice work.

Okay, kickass cold open. I'm liking the paramedics a lot. The directing on this scene is great, understated.

"You're doing so good. Stay with me."

Hotch, stopping JJ with a look. Crisis mode. Hotch is everybody's emergency contact. You always have Mom's number in your phone.

And Reid doesn't even have to ask: JJ just gives him the news, and he pulls up the implications.

"Police think it was a botched robbery." And Hotch is reserving judgment.

Prentiss taking JJ's hand was beautiful. While Reid hugs himself in the corner, and Rossi stands away from everybody else.

(and your life flashes before your eyes.)

"I was in church." And Reid to the rescue, throwing Morgan a line. "There's nothing you could have done here."

JJ and Reid can't believe the good news until they hear it twice. IN the absence of Gideon, the job of hyperventilating in times of trauma will be carried out by Spencer Reid.

"I don't care about protocol." Hotch. You are so very Hotch. Can we keep you?

Flashbulb memory, drink.

"It doesn't make sense."

Aww, smooch her for me too, Jaje. And the first thing out of Pen's mouth is a joke. Oh, Garcia.

And Reid picks up on the clue. Rank Roo, Raggy! Even as he's reacting to the morphine comment.

...You know, I gotta vote yes on this black and charcoal shirt of Spencer's.  He actually looks kind of sharp, in his unironed little way, uncombed hair and all.

Oh, oh, oh, Morgan's gonna punch something. Morgan's gonna punch something. AND THE WALL TAKES 2d6 POINTS OF DAMAGE!

"Need to stay calm."
"Don't tell me what to be."
"Do you remember anything she said about him?"

Dude. Yeah, Reid's a great big grownup Reid now. Everybody else can freak out; he's pulling up his big boy pants and solving the goddamned case, man.

"She made me promise not to talk about her like a victim."
Annnnd nice segue.

And Rossi and Hotch hard at work. Rossi, TELL ME YOU DID NOT ACTUALLY JUST SAY "She asked for it because of the way she dresses"? As hernewshoes would say, O NO YOU DIDNT. ("Don't tell her she got lucky.")
Although I notice he was staring at Nicky's ass later, so maybe it's not just sexism. 0.0

New refrain, "What does it mean?" and variations. The scene here between Morgan and Reid is also super nice.

"Wait... is David Bowie really god?"

...Good god Reid is a terrier in this ep. "We have a sketch artist coming in." Relentless. Interviewing.

And the bad guy interviews the bystander...
"Police around here can't even keep you safe." HEllo, the broad hint.

GREENSCREEN! Reid still running that interview beautifully. "I like to think of myself as a tireless crusader for world karma." (And the thematic statement. Boom.)
And of course Pen knows a designer knockoff. *g* She's probably the person who taught Morgan to spot them!
"People can get away with murder for other people's incompetence."
Rossi, very nice with the profile. he's still a prick, but that doesn't mean he's not good at his job.

Nicky! Wooo!
(My god. He's raided Reid's closet. And borrowed the clothes so bad Reid won't wear them. Oh, please bring this character back: the Bad Shirt Brigade needs a few good recruits.)
Pen is a Linux girl. YAY!

"Monogrammed shirts. Trust me, they ain't cheap." Ehe. Oh, snap.

GHOST WORLD! Oh, Pen. I love you. Oh, Geeky CM writers and crew, I love you. Petulantly. Passionately.
Television by geeks, for geeks. (Marc Vann was in Ghost World, sez stillsostrange.)

"This might be the coolest girl I've ever met." Yup, he's seen her system. He knows everything he needs to know.

"What's Hotch doing?"
"Right now, I'm guessing he's wishing anybody else was the leader of this team?"

Hello, Shemar's eyebrows.
Bah, nobody suspends my Garcia.
"Is there something I need to know?" Poor Hotch. He's having flashbacks to Elle, you can tell.

"Everything happens for a reason."
Back to the question of faith.

"With all due respect, sir, the BAU is part of that force." prentiss = <3<3<3<3<3 Nobody makes "Fuck you" sound like "Sir" the way Emily Prentiss can.

"What do you know about how she was recruited for the FBI?"

"I'm afraid I'm no at liberty to answer that."
Reid in bluejeans?
(Another nice intercut.)

"I'm required to keep record of everything the team does."
And an Elle mention. Yes, we can learn from our mistakes.

Oh, beat cop, you are so doomed.

"It washes off. I promise."

"I would expect nothing less."
Yep, it's perfect.
"My parents were hippies." What happened to her stepfather and brothers? Oh, nevermind. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds...

"I got my goon squad--"
Awww. Sweetest scene ever. Of course, if he didn't love her, he might date her. *g* Morgan, you are such a broken soul, and I like you that way.
Morgan's holdout makes another appearance!
Morgan looks very convincing crab-running down those stairs. And where have we seen him with a downed officer before....
...And the same situation Morgan and JJ were in in Revelations.

"Could you know something about him?" Terrier. Reid cracks the case!
"We're just here to comfort a friend." Hotch, I love you.

Black COTW! Yay!

"I'm sick of being behind this guy. We gotta end this." Take it a little personally, Dave?
And slowly, bits come out. "Tell us about the car." Reid and Morgan for the double-team. Nice.
You know, Dave, there was probably a better way to handle that.

"Make sure no one forgets to log out of the system. Garcia should not have access." Hee. Oh, Hotch. Yeah, we saw this side of him in Profiler, Profiled, too. He has a theory now, and his theory clears his accused team member, and the rules no longer apply.
The Law Of Hotch: Rules are for people who break them.
Pen, you are such a hacker. And it was totally a system failure that held up Prentiss' resignation, too.

"And yet--" "You wanna play?" "You are not seriously trying to backhack me." Oh, BEST TV SEDUCTION EVAR! Even better than Reid explaining transference to the girl with her tongue down his throat.
"What is she doing in there?"
"You really wanna know?"

...this may be my favorite scene in the history of CM.

Morgan, just hand them to Reid. (Of course, Prentiss, detail girl, picks up the salient fact.)
Prentiss cracks the case! Kevin cracks the case! Morgan and Reid Explain It All.
Hey, expo-boy? Stop explaining the psychology and CALL HOTCH.

Ohh, brave brave geekboy.
Oh, shut UP, internal affairs guy. You exist so that I can want to bite you, this ep, instead of Rossi. Oh, for crying out loud, how blind can you be?
"Think she might be dirty?"
Dude, can't you hear the creepy music? LISTEN!

Hah. hackerboy sends a message to Pen. Brave hackerboy sits next to the killer and sends secrit messages to Pen. And Pen saves the day, with her mismatched chipped fingernail polish. Oh, the geeklove. It is undying.

And Morgan explains the thread to Hotch so the audience knows what it is. *g* "He's spiraling."

"Oh my girl."

"Make sure my files are wiped off the system."

"You're in control here. You write the ending." Beautiful lies, Rossi.

JJ FTW! Three shots, three dogs. Oh, honey.
And JJ shoots him RIGHT THROUGH THE FBI SEAL. Hello, where have we seen that headshot before? LDSK?

"Oh, don't worry about your reinstatement papers. He'll sign them as soon as his hands stop shaking." Oh, sarcastic Prentiss is the bestest Prentiss there is.

"I never even blinked." JJ, you said exactly those words of Prentiss in "Revelations," remember? Right after the last time you executed something. Oh my show. I love you. "You do whatever it takes to protect your family."

"She'll make sense of it."
"How's your faith?"
"Day to day."

Interesting, how they're bringing back this issue of God they've been flirting with since "The Popular Kids." That's another thematic link that gets touched on again and again. A Real Rain, Lessons Learned, Sex Birth Death, Revelations, Lucky, and now tonight. (I'm probably missing a few.)
God, in the Criminal Minds universe, does hear you when you speak. He's right there. And he gives you what you ask for, and may somebody have mercy on your soul.

And by the way? He may be David Bowie.

"Do you believe everything happens for a reason?"
Oh, like finding true geeky love and stopping a killer?

"You're good."
"You're better."
BEST GEEKY LOVE EVAR YAY! Oh, god, bring him back. *g* Finally, they hook a regular character up with the right guest star, and not one who makes me wince to think of it.

Hi. We at Criminal Minds would like to remind you that women are tough, that geeky boys are tough, that damsels in distress (male or female) can kick your fucking ass, and that smart chubby girls find love too. And that geeky boys make the best boyfriends.

Love, the management.

God, I love my show. And in conclusion, I would just like to say, HAH! Absolutely the right backstory, and I don't just say that because I would have totally done the same thing.

Okay, I do. But so what? It's still awesome.

The updated officer-involved-shooting death toll for Criminal Minds:

Number of bad guys shot, by character.

Derek Morgan: pulling into the lead by a nose with either 2.75 or possibly in second with 2.25 (Charm & Harm (split with Elle), Lessons Learned, Open Season (*possibly* split with Prentiss), and Legacy (split with Hotch, Prentiss, and the CotW).

Future vigilante killer Elle Greenaway: still a strong second, (unless she's actually first) despite having left the show in 2x05, with 2.5 (Extreme Aggressor, Charm & Harm (split with Morgan), Aftermath)

Aaron Hotchner, third, or tied for second, back in the field with 2.25 (The Tribe, A Real Rain, Legacy (split with Morgan, Prentiss, and the CotW)

The unassuming but deadly Dr. Spencer Reid, still a strong fourth-place finish at 2 (LDSK, Revelations)

Rossi: 1, in his very first episode (About Face). Cowboy.

JJ: 1, in Penelope. And RIGHT THROUGH THE FBI SEAL. Hello Symbolism Much? Also, three dogs and my eternal respect.

Emily Prentiss, in next to last place with either .25 or .75, depending on whether one of those gunshots in Open Season was actually hers, or if all three were Morgan's. The .25 is the other quarter of Charles Holcomb in Legacy, who went down like Frankie.

Garcia still doesn't kill people, but we now have a shot of her holding a gun, which means I can now make a Geeks With Guns icon for her.

Gideon discharged his weapon once. (Psychodrama, a futile shot across an aqueduct.) However, we all know that in the real continuity, the one where Mandy didn't have a say over whether the character lived or died, Jason put that pistol in his mouth at the beginning of this season. The AU is actually what aired. ;-)

And of course, various unsubs, cops of the week, snipers, and random bystanders.... too many to count.


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Is David Bowie god?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Most definitely. *g*
Says so right here on the label, see?
There was much screaming at the tv tonight.

Firstly, XANDER! (Okay, so there was screaming and hopping and incoherent pointing). Geeky tech boy of the bad shirt brigade, who might get to come back (and damn well better keep Garcia a happy woman). Plus, he saved the day.

Also, I sort of love that he basically profiled her and liked what he saw. Behavior/system, is there really a difference?

Hotchalanche was in excellent form tonight. Mama bear protecting his cubs. And Rossi, except for that last part when they were facing down the unsub, can go retire again, please.

The subtle call back to Elle, "It'll wash" and you bet if Hotch could've Garcia would've never seen that blood.

JJ, who I'm starting to think held the girl's junior division pistol title all four year of highschool, was also excellent.

And Garcia's apartment! The projector kept making me thinking of those serial killer "training" films, but other than that, actually even that was very Garcia.

All in all, I'm with you, best episode this season.
Oh, yeah. Elle was ALL OVER this ep.

And JJ? Four shots fired, so far. Four dead targets.

She does not MISS.

Every single one of these characters has lost a parent somehow. I don;t see why JJ should be any different. (And Em, where's your dad? Who was it who wrote--or didn't write--YOU a letter?)

I am now comprehensively furious that we're still running Season Two here. I want this episode. Right now. JJ, I love you for all time. Even in advance of actually seeing it.

I totally need to make more icons. *g*

Seriously, this one is up there with Sex Birth Death as a Pimp My Show episode.
The mating dance of the hacker is a strange and beautiful thing.

Also, "It washes off. I promise"? Totally an "Oh my God I love this show" moment. I can't believe I never watched it before I started reading your commentary!
That was just. So. Perfect.

"You're good."
"You're better."

He'll have a toothbrush at her place before the stitches are out.

*loves with all the love there is*

You Do Whatever It Takes to Protect Your Family

*snuggles show* Writers. Money. NOW.

Ahem. Love my show. So, so, so much. Everybody did such a fantastic job.

I'm just being insane, or does revolver=call-back to Big Game/Revelations to anyone else? Revolver is correlative to character trauma?

Or, it's late, and my show is messing with my head again. This happens sometimes.

Re: You Do Whatever It Takes to Protect Your Family

Oh, you mean this revolver?


It's an echo, anyway.

And yes. My fangirl squee cannot be contained in the current universe right now.
David Bowie as God? Yes please!

You know the FBI guy is the creepy stupid supervisor from CSI (Las Vegas) and he was just perfect for this role as well.

And who doesn't love Nicky Brendan as a geeky hacker! Geeky love FTW. :)
Heck yeah.

Nicky Brendan, SO nice to see you again.
I went into this episode fearing that the episode with Garcia's name would be the episode with the least amount of her in it. Instead, she was all through it.

My cat actually ignored my fangirly shrieking when we first saw Nicky. My mom, on the other hand, needed to be peeled off the ceiling. (It's good when the family takes up the slack for each other.)

Mom and I both join you in wanting Mr Kevin Lynch (aka the brave and dauntless bad-shirt wearing geekboy) to return. She doesn't care he was Xander, she just thought the character was cute and he almost deserves the presence of the divine Garcia.

The hacker battle as flirtation was beautiful.

Everybody was beautiful. Except Rossi. Don't like. Don't want.

Mr Killer Cop/Cop Killer (aka the dead man who shot Garcia) was once Graham Miller on BtVS. Old fandom home week.

After I finished my squee-filled post on this episode, I hurried over here to make sure that it was really as good as I thought, because your recaps are excellent and my critical faculties deserted utterly when Garcia flatlined in the opener.

Yay show. Yay geeky show of crime-fightingness. Yay chosen-not-born family. Yay.
It really was old fandom home week. Can Seth Green be far behind? (Oh please?)

Garcia gets the epigraph, by the way--I think for the first time.

And oh yes. Chosen family. Yes they are.

The women fighting for each other was a thing of beauty. And Reid, digging in, planting his feet, and walking the hell forward, if he has to drag Morgan and Garcia with him by the neck to do it. Oh, my brave girls. Oh, my brave geekboy. Oh, my brave potentially recurring new geekboy.
As always, your analysis was exactly what I was seeing, only you express it so much better than I can.

"You're good."
"You're better."
BEST GEEKY LOVE EVAR YAY! Oh, god, bring him back. *g* Finally, they hook a regular character up with the right guest star, and not one who makes me wince to think of it.

Yes, that. They already know each other, by the systems they use, and build, and build workarounds for. Amazing.
Oh, thank God someone else noticed the Revelations all over this thing. Morgan punches the wall, and Reid tells him to calm down, not knowing Morgan did the exact same thing for him.

Oh, and if I were Pen, being drilled by Rossi about what, exactly, she does on FBI time? I'd have looked at him and said, "I dig up old case files in secret for David Rossi."

I maintain, though, that as much as Rossi can suck -- and really, he can suck so much -- his moments with Morgan are among his best, mostly because he and Morgan balance each other. And his question to Morgan at the end -- "And you're faith? How's that?" -- was an honest one, I think.

And damn it, I just realized -- he stole Prentiss's line. "Look at me. Not at them." (Which is yet another call back to Revelations. Goddamnit, I hate Chris Mundy sometimes. Garcia lives on Leavensworth -- the street that the lawyer couple in Revelations lived on was Leavenworth.)

Okay, that's it for now -- I'm sure I'll have more thoughts when I'm not exhausted.
Yep, I noted Leavenworth.

And discussion of classic narcissim = team member in danger/about to save everyone.

And Morgan punching the wall - although he smudged the board and no doubt got his ass severely kicked by the nurse in charge.

And Garcia's pink highlights whilst in her hospital bed = Reid's mismatched socks for pathos.

Plus the Morgan/Garcia hug that was in the Revelations promo but not on the screen made a reappearance in this ep.

And I guess JJ=deadly ties nicely with Revelations
It finished. I stayed up to watch.

I think I was in tears the whole time, and when they weren't the sad tears, they were the happy tears. Oh my.
Sarah is right: JJ+SIDEARM=OTP 4VR OMG SQUEEE !!!!1!!!!!!111!!1!


As soon as I read the spoiler that Nick Brendon was going to be in this episode, I *knew* that they were going to hook him up with Garcia. And I was gleefull. And happy. Haven't seen the ep yet, but still. Gleefull. And Happy.
There is no glee like the glee you will feel over the geek love affair blossoming before your eyes.

SHE KICKS HIS ASS and he loves her anyway.

Oh, that's geek love.
"I don't care about protocol." Hotch. You are so very Hotch. Can we keep you?

I loved Hotch in this ep...okay so I love him in every ep, but when he said that? Even more love. One of the kids is hurt and damn if he isn't going to make sure they find out who did it.

I had the same thought about Garcia's parents--but it was brief. It can still work with it being her step father because she did say that Garcia was his name--if she was quite young when her mother married her step father, then she might very well consider him her "real" father. Especially if bio-dad wasn't on the scene, either because he was dead or just not there. Although, I'm wondering what happened to her brothers...okay, maybe they were her step father's sons--a lot older than her? Okay, I really, really need to stop noticing this stuff. *lol*

And Rossi and Hotch hard at work. Rossi, TELL ME YOU DID NOT ACTUALLY JUST SAY "She asked for it because of the way she dresses"?

Uh, I didn't hear him say that. I heard him say it made her more noticeable--which could bring unwanted attention. That is not the same as saying "she asked for it". I don't think Dave Rossi believes that any victim "asks for it". If he wasn't talking about Garcia, you probably wouldn't have noticed the comment (or if Hotch had mentioned it...). I also think the scene later, where he yells at her--it worked with his personality and it did get the information (although I do think she so totally should have added "And I look up files for you, Dave." Cus it would be worth the look on his face. *hee* Although I'm sure Hotch already knows.)

And I thought Rossi asking Morgan about his faith was an honest and caring comment--Morgan had said he'd spent time in a church and Rossi knows Morgan is struggling with his faith. I think it was concern, not snark. I do like Rossi and Morgan's interactions--neither will take any bullshit from the other...I just like it. But then, I also like Rossi for the most part. *G*

JJ with the head shot--I was thinking, "Oh, her first (human) kill."

Yes, this was a great ep.
Hee. We can fanwank step-parents until the cows come home....

(And we may have to!)

I think what gets up my nose about Rossi is that he is old-school, and he's much more... less aware of the political nuance in what he says than the longer-term team members are? He's this close to a religious harassment lawsuit with Morgan, as somebody pointed out above (Of course, Garcia is THIS CLOSE to a sexual harassment lawsuit with Reid... ("Are you breathing on my neck?") and has been for years, ahem.).

That, and the dismissiveness, and the tendency to seize control and roll over whoever he's working with--It's totally realistic.

I just don't consider any of it positive character traits.

And yes. She totally should have said so. And for a moment, I thought it would turn out the encrypted file was what she was working on for Rossi, and wouldn't that have been fun? "Dave, is there anything I should know about?" says Hotch, The Eyebrow Rising.

I think if Garcia didn't find a way to let Hotch know about that little escapade of Rossi's, though, she's not the Garcia I love. She has no respect for rules, and she's loyal to the bone. It's a good combination.

Officer Scorecard

Shouldn't JJ move up to top spot? Being as her toll is technically 4? *G*

Re: Officer Scorecard

i actually went and stalked nick brendan's page -- apparently he'll find out after the writer's strike if there's more Garcia!love. I might demand a trim though, hee.

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