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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology cooking Bork! Bork! Bork!

I think I'm going to have to cop.

Chaz may have replaced Matthew as the character with the most of me in him.

I realize this because I am dancing around the apartment to The Art Of Noise, clearing the decks in the kitchen in prep for making a nine-course dinner for eight in a galley kitchen with eight (8) square feet of counterspace, which is a feat of creative engineering and resource dispersal, not to mention ergonomics, let me tell you, and...

...I realized, he does this every Sunday.

And gets the laundry washed, as well.

Yup. He's me in a boy suit, with the world's most useless superpower.

Sorry, man. We fucked you.

But I'll save you a slice of pie.


No, I made part of me up too.
He does that. *g*

He's on the flist! God, don't treat him like a celebrity. It'll just go to his head.


I make absolutely no promises about my behavior if he 1) cooks for me 2) dances in my kitchen 3) does both simultaneously.
When would Matthew find time to blog?
Hey. Both of you.

Right now I'm STALLING. Otherwise everything will be cold by the time they girls get back.
But, the food making, it is one of the best superpowers! Mostly because it's really the ability to make the people you love happy, if only for a short period of time.

Saying this, the boy has already set off the smoke detectors twice.
Alas, cooking is not his superpower.

It's just a hobby.
Sorry, that information is confidential. ;-)

But it's a totally lame superpower, trust me.
Art of Noise is awesome.
heee! Nothing to say but thanks for the giggle. "Sorry, we fucked you. Pie?"
Hee. Somebody should run a halfway house for my characters to recover in.
Especially that bit with the knife--oh, wait, no I didn't. That was the OTHER EB.
Like a home where a very fond lady will make them tea and pet them and tell them that as long as they're doing the best they can, they're doing very well? (And possibly teach them a few basics of Cabana Boy-ing because really, who isn't improved by Cabana Boy skills? Exactly.)

If it's just like that, I'm working on it. Just as soon as I win the lottery. Yes.
A cabana boy would be nice.

First I need a cabana.

Actually, somebody to wash these dishes would be nicer.
Bah! Boy first, then cabana. Cabana boy duties include washing dishes, bringing tea, bringing yarn, rubbing feet, and any other miscellaneous duties as assigned. ^_~
Y'know how some jokes are funnier when you give up on them until months later you get a moment of joke supernova?

Yeah, that. Joking things go boom, too, after a very long swish-thwack.
Hah! You can has breadcrumbs nao?


Keep chasing. You're one of the cool kids now.