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bear by san

March 2017



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bad girls marlene make my day

Why do the good girls always want the bad boys?

So I've never gotten the bad boy thing. Mostly, I want to send them to bed without any dinner--both the fictional and the real ones. I like good boys. Nice, earnest ones with a scary intellect and a heart of pure tempered carbon steel.

Those are the boys for me.

So why did it take me until I was 36 to realize that this is because I'm not a good girl?



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I dunno. I'm a reasonably good girl but I don't like bad boys either - I might get involved with them from time to time, but I usually bail out fairly quickly. T got scouting points by not, basically, behaving like a total asshole. At the time, this made a refreshing change.

Three years down the line, it still does.

What constitutes badness in girls?
Badness in girls seems to be mostly not being conventional.

Badness in boys seems to be being destructive in some manner.
I hate marmalade (I am going somewhere with this, trust me) and growing up I was completely alone in this regard. My mum, my dad, even most of my schoolfriends, loved marmalade.

Me was I was a jam kid.

And there was special type of jam that my mum found that was kind of like marmalade but jammy enough for me to eat.

Orange Jam.

Yes, I know.

The really pathetic thing? When I was NINETEEN, NinefrickingTEEN, this conversation finally happened:

AL:...Orange jam is just marmalade isn't it?

Self knowledge is very difficult. Especially when it's the major stuff. Or, in my case, orange jam.
Hee. My mom pulled similar tricks.

Parents, so clever.
Cynthia Heimel had a really good article about this in one of her books. It was all about how the good boy could get the good girl. She suggested that the boy encourage the girl to let out her artistic side and take the risks that scared her and generally do the things she wanted to do that other people had made her think she shouldn't.

And then she wouldn't be as interested in the bad boy and could recognize the nice boy's sterling qualities. (I mean, it was generally humor, not earnest psychology, but it seemed on to me.)
Ha! That does make sense.

Oddly enough, I find I love the good ones and the bad. And I always feel the urge to give them cookies and hugs. But yeah, the good boys are underappreciated. Everyone gets caught up in the whole "Oh, look how dark and cold and _bad_ he is!" SWOON. And the good little boys get no attention at all.

It's is very, very sad.
It's okay.

We'll pet them and love them and call them George.
Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere - Jim Steinman, and innumerable rather tacky teeshirts.
>Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere - Jim Steinman, and innumerable rather tacky teeshirts.

The Britneyfication of the Western world...

I could cope when 'bad' meant Mae or Tallullah. Now that it's Paris and Amy...er, no thanks.
See, I like the bad boys because I want to spank them and send them to bed without supper. Granted, this doesn't work well in a real-world setting, and either does my desire to corrupt good boys, which is probably why I'm destined for spinsterhood.
Um. Actually it does work in r/l. You just haven't been hanging out with the right people. Just ask Mistress Matisse...or several of my friends. ;)
I've noticed that, in both real life and fandoms, a lot of girls who like the bad boys insist that they can find the good boy underneath. Deep underneath. Even if the bad boy in question kicks puppies and puts razors into candy for fun.

Drives me nuts. I had my share of real life bad boys; do not want.

I'm a bad girl, and I rather like it (although, as per mevennen, my mother prefered to call me eccentric *g*).
I'm not a good girl?

Embrace it. Bad Boys have limited skills, but Good Boys can be dressed up and Played with. They are willing to learn. *giggle* plus you can have a conversation that isnt painful when catching your breath.
Good, Bad - I'm the one with the Boots.
And the Back-street-boy blue eyes.


Intellect...can be scary at times.

Heart...Hmm, might have to work on a re-tempering.

So...here's wishing for a slightly bad girl?
We'll send you one with filed claws?

Maybe we should start a service.
You're awesome.

Happy Skivins!
I feel that there's an adaptation of that annoying and specious Tolstoyan adage about happy and unhappy families to be made about good and bad boys ('Bad boys are all alike; every good boy is good in his own way'?)

I think there may be a further distinction to be made here between good boys (eye of the beholder) and 'nice boys' who define themselves as such, and whinge about not being appreciated.

Of course, good is as good does and it depends on the angle of vision - am just reading Katharine Whitehorn's autobiography and her husband sounds in many ways a pearl among men (esp, for the period, in terms of actively encouraging and facilitating her career rather than just turning around and saying 'why has feisty career girl I married become domestic drudge' in astonished tones) but also had fairly serious drinking problem.
Oh, yeah. The whingers are not nice. Or good. They just want to be rescued, and I gave at the office, man. Maybe they should find a nice rescuey girl to handle that for them?
Various things lead me to suspect that I have finally lost my taste for bad boys. Like zucchini: I have partaken of too much and now it all tastes like cardboard.

Does this mean I'm a bad girl now? :D
Also, the good ones rub your neck.
So, good girls like bad boys.

And bad girls like good boys.

Works for me!

- yeff (a good boy)
Hahah ahahaha

Wow. Yeah, suddenly my attraction to nice guys makes total sense! :)
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