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while waiting for the pizza to come...

[21:04] matociquala: today, Bear [Grylls] is eating a giant bug
[21:04] leahbobet: A lobster or one of those icky bugs?
[21:04] matociquala: "Like a big prawn that's been sitting around for weeks."
[21:04] clarentine: ew
[21:04] leahbobet: ew.
[21:04] matociquala: um, like a palmetto bug or something
[21:05] clarentine: I'll eat a lot of things, but stuff that looks like bugs are right out.
[21:05] leahbobet: Unless it's a lobster inside.
[21:05] leahbobet: Lobsters can look like whatever they want, I'll eat them.
[21:05] matociquala: yes
[21:05] matociquala: crabs too
[21:06] leahbobet: Also shrimp.
[21:06] matociquala: "It's an endless twisting maze of paths shooting off at different angles!"
[21:06] matociquala: (You are in a maze of twisty passages)
[21:06] matociquala: (all alike)
[21:06] leahbobet: (all alike)
[21:06] matociquala: LOL
[21:06] leahbobet: heee
[21:06] matociquala: (You have been eaten by a Bear.)
[21:07] leahbobet: (You are inside Bear's stomach.)
[21:07] leahbobet: (You see: a camel hump, a bug.)
[21:07] matociquala: (a headless frog)
[21:07] leahbobet: (There is a faint smell of bile.)
[21:07] leahbobet: (Exits are: up.)
[21:07] matociquala: (down)
[21:07] leahbobet: LOL

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