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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek kit faustus commodorified

because tanaise hates us and wants us to suffer--

 The bad sex long list is out. 


Hey, at least you can take comfort in the fact that you're not on it. :>
I don't write litfic. SAFE!
EXTRA bonus points if you can win the Bad Sex award AND the Tiptree with the same work!
Now THERE is a career goalpost.
In that case, I suggest seeking inspiration in the works of Greg Egan — see, in particular, the sex scene in Oceanic, or either of those in Schild's Ladder for that matter.
Heh: I thought Bad Sex was actually the subject of On Chesil Beach, from the reviews.
I love that the award is presented at the In & Out Club.
Well, that's sort of the definition of bad sex, isn't it, darling? ;-)
"Powerful ethnic muscle"?! Oh. My. God.
Considering the title is Absurdistan, I am fervently hoping he meant for it to sound like that.
Soft as a coil of...excrement? *reaches vainly for brain bleach*
Weirdly, the Bookseller longlist announces Iain Banks in the first line, when Iain's not actually on the longlist at all.

And I dunno if it's the passage that actually won him a listing, but here's a wee sample from Ian McEwan's offering:

“Like most young men of his time, or any time, without an easy manner, or means to sexual expression, he indulged constantly in what one enlightened authority was now calling ‘self-pleasuring’ … How extraordinary it was, that a self-made spoonful, leaping clear of his body, should instantly free his mind to confront afresh Nelson’s decisiveness at Aboukir Bay.”
Well dang. They don't give the *examples*, only the titles and authors.

Surely they don't expect us to *read* these books, do they?
They'll publish excerpts when the award winner is named. *g*