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bear by san

March 2017



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fans jumped up and the Finn jumped too

513 words on Hell & Earth today, which were mostly turning some expo into an epistle. Now I have to figure out how to repair this great big patch of suck in the middle of the book, and then there's a smaller patch of suck at the end of the book that also needs fixed.

The big patch of suck is harder, because honestly I glossed over a bit there because I have no idea how to make it work, and my editor called me on it, as is her job.


Still no idea how to get there. Also, a case of terminal lazy punky donwanna post-holiday exhaustion and brain-death seems to have me in its throes, and writing, right now, is notso attractive. Still, part of being a professional is writing the fucking thing even when you don't want to. And when it's done, I can hand it in, and maybe Jessica will give me the nice delivery moneys and I will not have to eat the cat come January.

In other news, I provide really high-quality SO material for my characters, if I do say so myself. I think my author should get on the stick and send me some, just to make sure the karmic balance is maintained. Alas, I fear that I am in a literary novel.

Unfortunately, lately, it seems like all the cute ones are either taken, or made of fiction, or very far away. I'd consider getting my sex drive turned off, a la Bruce Sterling characters, except that doesn't do anything for the hair-petting deprivation.

I wonder if I can get a boy who's made of fiction sent to my house to pet my hair.

They're so much tidier than the real boys....


So, do you think there is a market for fictional hair petters, or is that more of a long tale thing?
*sigh* I mean long tail

They're so much tidier than the real boys....

'cept for the papercuts. those can really suck.
Please let us know if you get close to eating the cat. Really. So something can be done for the poor thing [g].

And good luck with the fictional hair-petter. I agree that the paper cuts may make it not worth it.
Hah! She'd deserve it! Like she earns her own keep...
Unfortunately, lately, it seems like all the cute ones are either taken, or made of fiction, or very far away.

For lately, substitute, "for the last five years" and I'm in utter complete agreement with you.
I'm thinking of developing a crush on one of my own secondary characters, just for something to do...

What about the Presumptuous Cat?

He walks on your hair. Isn't that what you want?
I'm pretty sure E's actually made of fiction. Or maybe that's full of fiction. i can never remember.

in unrelated news, have you seen this?
Yes, ages ago.

Dude's kind of an idiot, without much sense of the difference between a science and a tool. *g* (He was on NPR with John Douglas a month or so ago, and Douglas kind of took him apart.)

But what do you expect from a behavioral psychologist?
Please don't eat the cat. I'll send supplies before that. And thanks for talking about sucking parts in books. Got one of those right now and thought it was just me. At any rate, you will prevail, money will come in, you won't have to eat the cat---though you may want to. And try to look in Texas for a cute boy. They're nice down there, they're cute, polite, can be trained to pick up their messes and they would pet your hair every day. I got one and he's still here (20 years later).
Won't work.

I've *been* to Texas.

You can hire a dominatrix legally, after all. You should be able to hire a hair-petter.
I want one o' them there fictional men myself. I've said so for years. Unfortunately one has not been forthcoming. ::glares at universe::

Edited at 2007-11-25 04:59 pm (UTC)

Actually, it's a fictional girl I'm coveting right now. One of the secrit projekt characters just grew a seriously cool girlfriend.

I'd take one like that.
Hee. Yeah. I don't have unreasonable requirements. *g* Just unmeetable ones...