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bear by san

March 2017



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Sound Trumpets within, and then all crye vive le Roy two or three times.

Growf. I am in the uneviable position of knowing what work this scene needs to do, and not having any idea what happens in it, or who the Bearer of Bad But Useful News might be.

I would consider walking down to the coffee shop with my notebook, on the theory that a change of venue might give me some inspiration, but I don't feel like putting on shoes. (In fact, my stated goal for today is not to answer the phone or unlock my front door.)


I could do the coffee shop thing on Monday or Tuesday, though.


Make the Bearer a talking squirrel! That way you won't mind his tragic but unavoidable demise.
I'm also trying to figure out what the News is, precisely....

I think I need to wash dishes and see if inspiration happens.
Cut your toenails. Or do some ironing.

Maybe they will have the effect of making you go "aha!" and as a bonus, you will then have neat toenails and smooth clothes. The joys of multitasking.

(Does the bad news actually have to be delivered?)
Yes. It does. *g* I skipped this scene on the first twenty drafts because I couldn't figure out how to do it, and that means the reaction to the bad news comes out of nowhere.

(The reaction is one of the historical bits; the bad news is my hack for why. Trying to make the two fit requires some hammering.)
I'll be the bearer. It's a thankless job, but gosh darn it, someone has to do it.
change of venue without opening door: a nice hot bath with your notebook? As long as you're careful?

You wicked thing.
What stance have you taken on The Man From Uncle's being available only from Time-Life until next year? Did you plunge right in?
I pre-ordered.
Damn pity the old Deus ex Machina trick is out of fashion.


I have faith you'll get it done, though.
I hammered through it.

Now one stupid scene to fix, and I can call it a book.
I find the coffee shop thing VERY focusing (and I don't care what Scalzi thinks of it - heh :p) occasionally. As long as I don't have a book on me, which sucks me in, I tend to get a lot more writing done, and a lot less dicking around doing everything else.
It's often useful to me to get out of the house and go someplace else to work...
The swimming pool was the only time I've got it very wrong.