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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

if you think that's not torture, watch this.

Wake Up offers an Amnesty International film demonstrating what a stress position is.

The Directors approached the making of the film in a way that has never been done before, choosing to show the reality of Stress Positions in as authentic a way as possible. They filmed a person being put into Stress Positions over a 6 hour period. There is no acting on the part of the “prisoner” – his pain and anguish is for real.


Amen to that.
I thought the US administration currently had a very simple definition of torture. I tunrs like this:

1). We don't torture people
2). We do thing X
3). Therefore thing X is not, by definition, torture
Don't forget the other important steps:

4 - questioning the above logic means you side with the terrorists.
I agree.
I like it. *\o/*
All I had to hear was the sound -- I couldn't watch it any more without upchucking.
I hadn't realized that stress positions were so old-school. Renaissance Italian city-states used it for interrogation of accused criminals, although they were fairly conscientious about how long it went on.

Anyone who says it isn't torture really ought to try it for a couple of hours. I wonder how long your average well-fed pundit would last?
I couldn't watch it. I kept having to look away. God.
Reminds me of George Carlin. He has a whole bit about how the terminology used to describe things allows us to disassociate from the reality of the condition. He specifically rants about how the more syllables, the less impact the name for a thing has. What used to be called "shell shock" is now called "post-traumatic stress disorder."

What used to be called "torture" is now called "stress positions." Yurgh.