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bear by san

December 2021



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phil ochs troubador

you know he--been on the job too long

Hey, I just managed a real F chord.

That only took sixteen months.


F is hard. I cannot play F except as a very bad bar chord that sounds like a sort of F-flavoured scrape. I congratulate you.
Well done. That's one of the most difficult of the major chords, I think (though B is no cakewalk either), and hell on the pinky. I think they punish terrorist suspects by forcing them to hold F chords for hours at a time.
Wow! I've never managed an F chord in my life.

(of course, the fact that I play concertina and not guitar or piano might have something to do with that. And the non-guitar-playing thing is not for lack of attempts on my part)
YEAH!!!!! YOU!!!!!

Congrats! I'll get there eventually. But you've been practicing that one harder than I have!
16 months is above average.. dance, magic fingers, dance.
Hooray for your funky fresh self.

I was thinking about you and this guitar thing yesterday on the way back from Kentucky, when I was contemplating some very, very new and terrifying thoughts I was having ("You could do anything with your life, now, you know. Anything you wanted. You could buy a piano and teach yourself to play."). Immediately my brain said "You can't learn piano; you have no rhythm and you are stupid." And then my other brain said, "F*ck that noise. Yes, you can teach yourself new things." And I thought of you, a person I admire, and how you are constantly teaching yourself new things. And suddenly the idea of learning how to play the piano seemed like a pregnant possibility instead of a scary crazy potential to fail.

So I guess that's a long way of thanking you for posting about the new things you teach yourself, including this f chord.
"Sit by my side
come as close as the air
sharing a memory of grey
and wander in my words
and think about the pictures
that I play
and changes"

I had to look twice at your icon, it looks like a young Gordon Lightfoot.

You shame me, I retuned my guitar over the long weekend and haven't played a lick.

F is a difficult chord. You're amazing.
Heh. But now that you've got it? You'll never lose it. :)

Next, for contorting your fingers intentionally and stretching tendons: Gm.
*g* I think the rock climbing is helping my grip strength....

(I still have to REPRODUCE the F chord...)
On to the B!

Did you do it with a barre, or with hand wrapped around neck and thumb on the low E?

I can't, you know, get to it with a transition yet, but all things in time...

b minor is coming along...
It took my adolescent fingers about 18 months to work at all, two years to work well. It is one of the most powerful arrival points in guitar playing - congratulations!
Hm. Two years... next August, here I come!
Nailing the art of the goddamnfuckinbarrechord is going to open up a whole bunch of the Tull catalogue, you realize. :)

(Although it's possible to actually go some ways into it before then; you can almost get through "Skating Away" without one, and "Witches Promise" and "One Brown Mouse" don't need any at all. Assuming you haven't learned this already, natch.)

Oh, you mean the band whose lead guitarist's stage name is...

Heh. Yeah, those guys. :)

I sometimes suspect "Thick as a Brick" was done as an exercise in making him live up to it.
Ah yes.

Hmm. I need to listen to some Tull...