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somewhere up there is a dizzying layer of risen hot air...

Tonight, I sent the 5.6 that defeated me last time. And then bagged on anything else, because my forearms were screaming. There are only two 5.6s left (well, three, but I think the third one is broken, as nobody I know can figure out how to do it.), so I have picked out my first 5.7. Which I will attempt on Monday, before I wear myself out on other things. (I'm going to try the Moonchild 5.5 again too, the one with the bitchy overhang, and see if I can do it with less suck this time.)

In other news, remember the Secrit Projekt? I know you do.

Exhibit B. (1)

Exhibit B. (2)

Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, wtf

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