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dead stars still burn

Well, I haven't been blogging about it much, but I have been plugging forward on the math homework--though much more slowly than when I started, given the other demands on my time. That's fine, though. I'm still trying to train the panicky monkey that lifetime learning projects are, you know, the sorts of things you can spend a lifetime learning, as opposed to something you have to race through and dispense with as fast as possible. The panicky monkey in my head gets very panicky about needing to finish things, sometimes.

Today I realized that I'm just one day's work from the end of the chapter on proportion, and after that, I can do the self-test on that chapter and start on the chapter of word problems, which is the final chapter in this book.

Then I guess it's on to the next textbook. Dragging my discalculia behind me.

Now I really need to tidy this place up some and then maybe gothercize a little, to see if that wakes me up, because I am sleepy as anything. Oh, and start reading this other John Henry Holliday bio, and see if it's a little meatier than the last one.

In other news, my F chord, though intermittent, persists. And I now understand why cvillette refers to Aleve as "M&Ms", but I have to say, my pullups are improving at a hitherto-unforseen rate. That thing about functional exercise being better for your fitness than gym exercise? Is so very true. I wonder if it's the adrenaline.

(Isn't the life of a writer glamorous?)
Tags: math is for girls, the glamour!
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