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I couldn't help her.

Sin City, The Crow, Clive Barker, and blowing the post-production budget for the entire season on this one single ep, baby. Eddie Bernero is our geek.

Was that a Mandy "Previously on Criminal Minds?"

And the pun titles continue, echoing all the way through to the Frank Miller quote at the end and the Dark Knight joke.

Frank Miller pastiche. Boy, the postproduction work on this is sweeeeet. Good show, taking risks and shaking it up again. And yes, I so love the movie homage episodes.

And the trademark CM segue--crime scene to post-mortem, as it were.

Reid gets the Clive Barker quote!

[22:48] beatriceeagle: Why did Reid get the quote?
[22:48] matociquala: Because it's a geeky quote?
[22:48] matociquala: Same reason Pen did?
[22:49] matociquala: Because they're both survivors of violence, man.

Ohhh, Kevin, you has alienated the hot girl now.

Morgan and Garcia are love. Morgan is just love through this whole ep, in a very understated way, for Morgan.
"Full range of motion!"
"Would you stop with the UHN?"

"You know I'm just a phone call away--" Thematic statement.

Clive Barker quote. Smart guy, that Mr, Barker.

"I'm out living my life." Oh, bitter irony. Yes, she's dead.
Tonight's episode brought to you by the number three, the letter X, and THE CROW.

Man, I want to be famous enough that my agent comes to my house to wake me up for a signing... Writers on television are always famous and glamorous, you notice? You know why? Because writers WRITE television, that's why.

"What is this anyway? All this blood! And decapitations!"

An interesting thing about CM, the way they break the format up, shake it around, and do different stuff with it. It reminds me of the X-Files a bit that way, the willingness to step outside the box. (True Knight, Dark Knight, what's the difference?)

Reid & Morgan BFF 4VR "You work for the government. What? You don't read the reports?"

Oh, god.
"Multiple UnSubs in violent psychotic breaks operating in the exact same location is exceedingly unlikely."
"Yeah. It's probably one guy."

Reid's little geeky "I know this! And I can explain it!" with the self-satisfied eye-flicker and the grin... oh lord. Not just geeky, but pleased with it.

You know, I react that way to crowds too...

"Milo, seriously? Leave."
Bite me, fanboy! Oh, Eddie, you are seriously one of us.

"Call me, please, just call me back. I'm sorry."

No profile this week, because we're seeing this episode from the UnSub's point of view.

"A domestic cat loose in a neighborhood is the equivalent of a small-scale ecological disaster?" Reid is in rare form tonight. And CM provides us with another subtle PSA.

Hey. Rossi actually gets points in this one for human behavior. There was not one single second when I wanted to drown him in a bucket.

Oh, and Agent-boy gets it. Yes, dear, your client has gone off the deep end.
Frank Miller Runs Amok!
Film at 11

I love the movie pastiche eps.

Vicky is adorable. The nervousness is just beautiful.

stillsostrange says: The moral of this ep: Jerky KILLS!

"Get out of my house!"

Here on CM, we like to recast former child stars as psychopathic killers. My fandom is somewhat incongruous.

And Hotch arrives in the background.

Hah. "We here at Criminal Minds know you have been watching this for two and a half seasons now, and you know how geographic profiling works, don't you, team? So we're just gonna mention it in passing, and move on with the plot. Because in this ep, we're not showing you the crime from the victim's point of view, nor the law enforcement. But rather, from the POV of the killer. (Including seeing our team moving around in the background while the focus character does other things.)"

Prediction: Someday soon, we get an ep from the POV of the victim's family.

You know, the parallels here to earlier eps are shining through again. I've got Blood Hungry (killer not responsible for his actions due to extreme trauma), Empty Planet (Hey, check it out. Despite JJ's ComiCon crack in Empty Planet, Garcia is the comic book geek, not Reid. And we got some establishing shots of her comic book geekiness last episode, even.), and Open Season. Oh, and A Real Rain, with the vigilante riff. (And also? He's the GODDAMN BATMAN!)

And we all know how a JJ press conference works, and a canvassing. We don't need to see that. We just get a few lines to establish the procedure.

[22:38] beatriceeagle: (Also, Reid seemed...curiously unaffected.)
[22:39] beatriceeagle: Especially for an ep where he got a quote
[22:39] matociquala: Reid is drugged to the gills on Klonopin

hello spree killer.
View from Jonny's window as the Collapsible Suburban rolls past. (drink!)

Morgan talking into his speakerphone. Oh, Derek, honey, that does not look cool. But if you do it with your pinky extended, you can have an extra lump of sugar...

Hee. Rossi gets the obligatory Bernie Goetz snark in. I actually like him when he's not, you know, saying obnoxious things and then covering them up with a half-assed backpedal.

Oh man. Not the nice lady downstairs.
"Jonny, you scared me."
You know, Eddie, when you deconstruct the comic book trope of the antihero, you go it Matt Wagner style.
No holds barred.
Good job, man.

"Looks like they tried to fight back."
"They failed." Heh. Yeah. Keep dissociating, man. Whatever gets you through the night.

And they do the profile by implication, standing at the crime scene. We're just assuming you can follow this one, loyal viewers. Run, try to keep up. We've been over this before.

"Hotch, you need to see this."
Prentiss finds the incongruity again.

"I've got one who says he thinks it's God's Mighty vengeance."
"Good, we could use some help down here."
Yeah, we did that ep first season. Just in case you forgot....

And JJ cracks the case!

Oh, the cinematography in this scene where they are walking Jonny into the cop shop, and the echoes back to the momentary flashes of superspeed and disorientation in the Sin City scenes. They're doing a really nice job of showing disordered thinking through the camerawork and editing. Just loffly.

I love that we see the profile through Jonny's eyes, as he's walked in, on the white board. Wow, that's nice.
Somebody knows him.
And then we get the victimology, too. And the survivors.
"I haven't done anything."

Morgan doesn't take his sidearm into the interview room, but he still has his holdout.
Morgan, positively gentle with this guy. Because he knows, they all know.
"He's not a killer. He's just sick."
Oh, and the agent, carrying the weight of responsibility. "There was no reason to--go there." He failed in ways nobody could expect him not to fail in, and any number of people paid the price.

Garcia is mortified by the bad behavior of her idol. <3<3<3<3

"Sometimes for an artist the only difference between insanity and genius is success." Of course, Reid gets the genius and madness line.

"We believe you're suffering a post-traumatic form of a psychotic break." (Distress!)
Hotch is love.
"How could I not know."
Traumatic amnesia, man. You have lost your mind.

"Wait. This is real?"

"I remember you.. We put you through the window. This is the really real world. There ain't no coming back."
Because this is the really real world, and there ain't no coming back. And that's what this episode is for.

"Severe PTSD is not uncommon for victims of violent crimes."
"You're bleeding."
...and I cannot be the only one who finds it very interesting that Reid is sailing through this episode with nary a blink. In fact, kind of forcefully cheerful, even when he's standing over dead bodies. ETA:Twisting his dorky colorful purple nitrile gloves forcefully between his hands.
Spencer, man? That's a little weird. Your defense mechanism is showing.

The Rossi/Hotch/Prentiss interview here is love.

"Miracle? You think living was a miracle?"
"I couldn't help her." ("We can't be saved," quoth Tobias)
"They made me watch."
...and that's why creepily cheerful Spencer Reid got the opening quote on this one.

ooo, Psychotic strength.

"I know. I know. They're animals."
And that, right there, is the difference between Rossi and Gideon in a nutshell. Because Gideon would get down on his knees and cradle a dying murderer in his arms, which was both fantastic and disturbing.
Rossi has no such questions about the humanity of the people he hunts.

Ohhh. But Emily Prentiss does.
"He's the first unsub I've worked who wasn't a bad guy."
"Every unsub is ill in some way. Most can't help what they do any more than Jonny could." And Dave? Why are you back here with us again? mmm?

"It just makes me wonder, are we all capable of becoming something like that?"
Yes, honey.
You keep asking that question. And elaborating on it.
And ask Hotch sometime.
He has an answer.

"Life is a hell of a thing to happen to a person."
Man, I swear that's a quote, but damned if I remember what it was.
And for that line, I even forgive Dave for checking out JJ's ass as she walked by.

Morgan and Prentiss are seriously working on being the team thugs. <3
...and the plane sails into the sunset.

"Boys, behave, or I will ground you both."
Now that Dad is out of the picture, the eldest sister steps in to help monitor the kids....

Blue: "So it's Pinnochio."
"Only set in a high school in outer space."
JJ's pretty smart. Uh huh.

"Once I was a wooden boy--"
The artist's creation turns real.

Reid = Milo. Ehe.

And again. We're all fine here.

Hotch: FINE
Morgan: FINE
Garcia: FINE. And I can do it MYSELF.
Reid: FINE. Bulletproof. 5 by 5. Never better. That's not a brittle facade of well-adjustedness... that's a pleasant haze of vitamin H.
Prentiss: Pretty goddamned far from FINE
Rossi: Actually? Fine. Thanks for asking.
Hotch: Okay, now that you mention it? Not FINE either.

Cause Hotch wasn't even trying to pretend, there, at the end.

"I couldn't imagine having nothing left of someone but a voice message."
Or a letter? Or no letter at all?
Or just a house full of empty closets?

And Garcia, the other recent victim of violence, gets the closing episode quote. And the Frank Miller shoutout. Which made me laugh like a drain.

by geeks.
for geeks.

ETA: stillsostrange sums up my unholy love for this show in far fewer words:

Why do I love Criminal Minds? Because they just reworked The Crow in the style of Sin City, opening with a Clive Barker quote and ending with a Frank Miller quote.
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