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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

I can tell my hair is getting long, because when my ponytail flops off my neck when I turn my head in half-moon pose, it throws my balance off.


The first time I shaved my head I was amazed by how much lighter it felt afterwards. (To say nothing of my new sensitivity to drafts.)
Yeah. I've had my hair pretty close to butched, and while it looked cute, the maintenance was annoying.

I can't even get my legs shaved on a regular basis. Let's be real. *g*
Ahhh, but a bit longer and it will hold itself so it doesn't bother you. Or so it usually goes for my hair growing.
It's a weight issue.
I've let my hair grow long; longer than I've had it in years. I like the feel of it sliding over my shoulders while I sit in bed writing.
*great* kinesthetic detail.

I hate the way it feels on my neck, but I am lazy.

And as long as it's clean and I brush it every five minutes, it looks nice...

Hi long time reader, first time replier...

I have visions of your ponytail as a cat o' nine tails... O.o

Re: Hi long time reader, first time replier...


I think there's a suervillainess with that power.
i hate it when that happens :P
Is it long enough for you to do the "half-pull" thingee?

That probably makes no sense. I will 'splain! My scrunchies take three twists to hold my hair tightly. So, the first two are full pulls (I pull the hair all the way through), but the last one is a half-pull, so my hair forms a loop with the end still held by the scrunchie.

I always found that helpful when dealing with the "OMG my hair is going to make me fall over" issue. The weight all stays closer to the head, and has less distance to fall - and it keeps the gravity gremlin from grabbing the ponytail and yanking on it!
Yeah, I've been doing that. Alas, it tends to give me headaches....
GAWD I miss my hair. It was so, so long, and then I got some hare-brained idea to CUT IT SHORT, so it was all bobbed with angles and points and such. And now I miss it, and I want to grow it out, but then I had to have it trimmed because those haircuts look WONKY once they start to grow.

So I have hair envy. I would love to be knocked off-balance by my hair again.

I love the little spiky bobs.
My younger Maine Coon, Yeti, likes Warrior III. He flops on his back to show off the fluffy belly, just within my arm’s reach, and demands to be petted. It only adds a little more challenge to the balancing...
I used to have a little black tuxedo cat who would come flop down under my butt while I was doing bridge pose.

Added to the challenge, lemme tell ya.
Until a few months ago, my hair was six or eight inches longer than long enough to sit on--I kept it constantly braided, and over a decade or so I'd got in the habit of tossing my head to flip the braid back over my shoulder.
So when I cut it all off--to above my shoulders, anyway--a couple months back, I gave myself neck strain. It'd fall into my eyes, and I'd make that same flip!motion, and overcompensate. Ouch.

There's also the thing where one is washing it, and washes too far?

I taught it to my class this morning and thye kinda loved it. Kinda. Don't know if anyone's hair was getting in the way.

Ardha Chandrasana: It's your buddy!
For many, many years I had hair more than long enough to sit on, that I usually kept in a single braid down my back.

4 years ago, I got breast cancer (and, wow, it was hard to type that, just flat out, even though all better now -- good surgeons, good oncologist, really good techs) and the idea of Losing My Hair was actually the most traumatic part of the whole experience. I cut it, rather than just lose it, and had a certain amount of fun with it short.

I've been growing it back for the last year and a half, and it has finally gotten long enough to braid back.

I can feel the weight of it on my shoulders and just down to between my shoulder blades. And it's amazingly comforting. I don't think I would have paid enough attention to actively notice that without reading this.

It feels like a gift.

Thank you.
Oh, good for you.

And man, yeah, it would be hard to type.

Mazel tov.
Would you consider donating?

Locks of Love

I'm on my third time now and am almost ready to make the cut. It feels wonderful to help a kid in need like this.
I've done that before. If I cut it again, I'll do the same thing.
Annoying though that must be, it's got to be better than realizing that your hair is long because the end of the ponytail tries to dangle into the litterbox you're scooping. 8-)