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cats eat birds

So for dinner last night, I made some little venison leg steaks (New Zealand venison; farmed. I don't know any hunters who love me enough to give me white-tail anymore.) and to go with it I warmed up the leftover brussels sprouts fron Thanksgiving, and some leftover brown rice, which I sauteed with diced preserved lemon, sun-dried tomatoes, and the oil from both. Fantastic. I'm not sure about the tarragon on the venison; I think thyme would have been better, but I was out of thyme. (drumroll please.) Need to order some from Penzey's, as it is my favorite herb.

I just had the leftovers of my leftovers for lunch. NOM!

With, since it is Winter, lindenflower-spearmint tisane with local honey on the comb.

It is a good day to be the bear.

(And that's it for the Thanksgiving leftovers, except this half a pumpkin pie, some mashed potatoes that I suspect are not getting eaten, a little turkey gravy, and a pint of mashed yams. Not bad work, if I do say so myself.)

I think I want to make some white bean rosemary soup soon, because I am not feeling up to borscht. (Anyway, I still have a pint of borscht in the freezer that I ought to eat, if it hasn't gone disgusting.) And soon it will be chili weather.


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