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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Alias Jenny Casey

As a writer you learn, some characters--some protagonists--stay with you. They never quite pack up their bags and leave. One of those, for me, is Genevieve Marie Casey, heroine of my novelet "Gone to Flowers" in her younger days and now moving on to bigger and better things as the protagonist of Hammered and, soon, Scardown. If she lives, she gets a bit part in The Road is the Song, The Song is the Road too. But I'm not writer enough to write that last book yet.

Jenny may turn out to be my Signy Mallory or Cirocco Jones character--the battered old woman who will not quit, a contradiction in terms, a living enigma. She stays with me. She lives in the back of my head and wanders out sometimes when I free-write, or am trying to break a block.

She makes mistakes, and she loves hard and she falls down hard and she kicks hard too. It's really nice to be spending some time with her again.



I'm looking forward to spending more time with her too . Shalon's like that for me. She's been in my mind since I was eleven and I've been refining her over the years, watching her grow up and grow hard. But she's still the girl I knew when I was a kid.

Only now, I can screw with her head a lot better.

Don't you just love the way writing improves with practice ?