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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

he hears the silence howling, catches angels as they fall--

When I talk about Ian Anderson's wit, and his general air of raconteurism, this is what I mean. (Also, his screamingly liberal sensible politics have never hurt him with me.)

For my own reference, here's a review of the New York show on the same tour.

Here's a little youtube Tull from back in the day, to give you an idea of what Ian was like when his knees still worked. (By the hair, that's circa 1977 or so.) Martin's grown into a much more accomplished guitarist since, but he's still just about that stoic; the pivot around which Ian turns. Much more, and he'll be giving Lou Reed a run for his money. Here's the revamped version--with a full orchestra, rather than the "mere" string quartet (!)

And here's a clip from the current tour (with a different string section than the ladies we saw), the new version of "Locomotive Breath." See what I mean about Martin's guitar work? (And because I have always loved runaway-train songs, here's a shorter version with intermittently better sound quality (except on the vocals) and no fiddler. Here's what the song sounded like in its more-original version in 1977.  Although the song was already six years old at that point and starting to grow ornaments and bizarre electric organ interludes a la Keith Emerson. (They also did Keith Emerson's arrangement of "America" last night, )

Charlie stole the handle.
And the train, it won't stop going.
No way to slow down.

That doubletime clapping and stomping when the jazzy intro bit of "Locomotive Breath" ends and the rock and roll kicks in? Happens every time.

(One of the most entertaining things about last night's concert was the college aged kid sitting right behind me, who was obviously there on sufferance, expecting some prog-rock dinosaur grinding out faithful versions of grotty hits, who kept shifting in his seat, nudging his companion, and saying in unwilling surprise, "This is really good! This is a really GOOD concert!"

One presumes the companion, perhaps procurer of the tickets, was validated. ;-) )

(Also, for those who keep track, Martin Lancelot Bourée duh-duh-duh-duh-DUH-duh Barre was down to one middle name for the duration of this particular show. ;-)  (Yes, according to Ian, the riff from "Aqualung" is Martin's middle name.)


My dad and I were just talking last week about how we'd totally go to a Tull concert together, given the chance.

*is jealous*

They still come around a lot. You should go!
I am supposed to be cleaning the house but now you've got me watching You Tube. WHat great clips--the sound quality on the Chile one is good considering it's a camcorder. tHE violin's a definite improvement on that Eddie Jobson thing, too.

THanks so much for the links. Rock on, Ian!
I am insanely jealous. Every single time they've been where I am I either haven't had the money or the time to go see them. I finally got to see Sting in concert (along with the rest of The Police), now I need to see Tull for my musical life to be complete.
I missed everything between 1999-2007 for just those reasons, among others.

Totally jealous. It's been about 4-5 years since we've seen Jethro Tull--but it was a hot and rocking night at the Oregon State Fair when we did, and we converted the then teenage son to being a Tull fan (that said, son also likes String Cheese Incident, the Dead, the Who, and just about everything else we do--how interesting!).

My husband is a raging Tull fan, and converted me quickly a few years ago.

Hmm. Now that I think of it, I think we saw him at the Aladdin since then...

Anyway, we are officially jealous. Not that hubby's up for that yet, not with his dislocated/broken shoulder (but next week, yeeesss).
Ow! Poor hubby!
Last year there was a Violin!!.
Violin good!
Loved the bits with him dancing around with the violinist in the Chile clip.
jethro tull = my first concert. in 1984. _under wraps_. which i still like. i don't care. (and i like _walk into light_ too. nyah nyah.)

Well, I like Rock Island, another one that gets no respect.

Hey, are we on for Chris Smither?
rock island's alright. it was somewhere around there that i started to lose interest in keeping current with tull activities -- though more because my tastes changed rather than anything they did, i think.

which smither show were you thinking about? i'm out of town the weekend of the 8th so the vanilla bean is out for me and the following weekend, meredith is back from japan and i'm not sure what's going on yet. i'll see if i can figure out what's happening asap.
I've got tickets to the one at the Iron Horse on the 15th. We had talked about it at Vienna. if you can't make it, no big deal, but it'd be nice to see you.
well, the questions are: did we plan something else that i'm forgetting about? and if not, does meredith want to go?

i checked the calender and i'm pretty we're going down to philadelphia on sunday to see the nields and trina hamlin at the iron horse but i don't know if we're going there the day before or not. i'll let you know soon as i have it figured out....

Edited at 2007-12-02 08:47 pm (UTC)
You're an evil woman - you know that don't you? You had set me on the path to spending the rest of the day watching Tull clips on Youtube. Instead, I took drastic measures: I went to dimeadozen.org to look for live recordings of the band. At the top of my search results? An audience recording of their 30 November 2007 concert in Providence, Rhode Island! I've got the torrent downloading now, and by lunchtime (barring unforeseen events) it will be mine! Mine! *capers madly*
Of course, we do not condone the downloading of illegal recordings, etc, etc. *g*
Of course not, etc., etc. :-)

But in all seriousness, that's why I like Dime: It's only fan-made recordings of artists who've said it's okay to distribute fan-made recordings of their performances. (The downside, of course, is that it can be a huge time-sink if you're undisciplined. Not to mention you can fill a hard drive in nothing flat.)
see, that's cool.
redaxe introduced me to it - it's a really cool site. :-D