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bear by san

March 2017



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link salad, science fiction blue plate special

George R. R. Martin on why he feels that the current generation of SFF writers should join SFWA.

Charles Coleman Finlay with the opposing view.

Green Man Review has published a special Year's Best Fantasy & Horror mega-review, focusing on all twenty editions. (!)

And for another way to help skzbrust with his medical/legal bills, and get some scwag, The Adrilanka Gift Shop.

Speaking of Steve (hey, was that a slick transition or what?) the mighty John Scalzi is doing a "Month of Writers" in December, picking 31 favorite bloggers who are also writers and reposting favorite blog entries by them on The Whatever. #1 is Steven Brust. #2 is Charles Stross.

Aaaand Part I the new Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy is up, here.


Back to the coal mines! Minutes to type, a short story to finish, and a pair of columns to write today.


You just solved one of my Christmas present problems: thank you. Now, if CafePress would only see their way to doing a Phoenix Guards t-shirt...
I'm not too impressed by Martin's post. He's clearly taken a side on the issue, which casts anyone who disagrees with him as some sort of self serving ingrate who fails to respect the older generations long suffering hard work in building up the useful things SFWA does. Uphill. Through the snow. Both ways. In a cracked cup, with no milk, or tea.
I'm new on your flist: Hello! Your posts are wonderful, covering coyotes and SF politics. There's always something interesting to dig into on your posts.

Thanks for the link(s)today - it's a very intelligent discussion of an issue I've heard bits and pieces of over the past few weeks.

Ever since I discovered the SFWA over a decade ago, I was a wanna-be joiner (still haven't published). I'm finding the internal politics crop up again and again. SF/F writers are such an individual, imaginative group, it's not surprising.

But...there was one poster who said something about Critters being manipulated as well by Burt? Didn't Burt start that up himself over a decade ago? ::scratches head:: What's that about?
Hi! Nice to meet you!

I dunno anything about Critters, I'm afraid.
This may be a reference to the October 10th, 2007 issue of the Critters Workshop note. (I just realized I've been erroneously calling it the Critters Newsletter. Oops.) He sends it out every Wednesday. In it, he tells Critters what the stories up for critique are every week. He updates us on sales Critters have made and the state of Critters itself.

For October 10th, 2007, for some reason known only to him, he wrote two paragraphs, filled with, if not outright lies, then misleading half-truths. I read those two paragraphs as a cheap shot on Cory Doctorow. It is wildly out of step with anything in any other Critter Workshop note I have. It is highly inappropriate, and, as far as I'm concerned, an abuse of power. Critters is not a forum for these sorts of issues. Its workshop note is not public. He should have just left Critters out of it.

I mean, he has his own web site. He even referenced it in those two paragraphs. If he wanted to slag Cory, that would have been a more appropriate venue. (Slagging Cory, in any venue, was uncalled for though. Andrew Burt didn't have just cause, IMHO.)