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link salad, science fiction blue plate special

George R. R. Martin on why he feels that the current generation of SFF writers should join SFWA.

Charles Coleman Finlay with the opposing view.

Green Man Review has published a special Year's Best Fantasy & Horror mega-review, focusing on all twenty editions. (!)

And for another way to help skzbrust with his medical/legal bills, and get some scwag, The Adrilanka Gift Shop.

Speaking of Steve (hey, was that a slick transition or what?) the mighty John Scalzi is doing a "Month of Writers" in December, picking 31 favorite bloggers who are also writers and reposting favorite blog entries by them on The Whatever. #1 is Steven Brust. #2 is Charles Stross.

Aaaand Part I the new Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy is up, here.


Back to the coal mines! Minutes to type, a short story to finish, and a pair of columns to write today.
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