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and the prompter in the corner is sorry that he came

I have frosted trees, and should probably be doing yoga. However, the the new day brings a bunch of new information on what of mine you can buy in 2008, thus supporting the Presumptuous Cat (who is currently sharpening her claws on the Wentzel 1887 clapboard chest that serves as my end table).

And so, I give you the list of everything ebear in 2008.

To start off, of course, Dust will be out right after Christmas, or actually right before Christmas, probably, or honestly, probably arriving in bookstores next week sometime although Amazon won't ship it until the 26th. But it's technically a January 2008 title, due to the vagaries of publishing. Seriously, I don't make this stuff up.

Also, available any minute now is Ellen Datlow's horror anthology Inferno, in which I have a short story, "Inelastic Collisions," which is closely related to "Long Cold Day" and "Follow Me Light." They're all Promethean Age stories, believe it or not, although they brush a corner of that world that hasn't much appeared in the novels yet. Maybe someday I'll get to write Pinky Gilman and Matthew Szczegielniak sitting down for lunch. That would be interesting.

January brings John Joseph Adams' reprint anthology Wastelands, which features my story "And the Deep Blue Sea," as the least among its crew. You can of course read that story for free online, but this may be your only chance to own a physical copy. And besides, look at all the other stuff you get!

The end of April brings another Ellen Datlow anthology, The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy, in which I have a story entitled "Sonny Liston Takes the Fall," which is another Promethean Age story, featuring an aging boxer... and Jackie. Remember Jackie? I'm trying to write another Jackie story now, and the little bastard won't cooperate. I'll bend him to my will, though.

In addition, the vast internet conspiracies booksellers have pre-order pages up for several novels that will be out sometime next year. The Blood & Iron mass-market paperback, for those of you who have been patiently waiting, will be out June 3rd of 2008, and the shiny small price point of Just Seven Dollars And Ninety-Nine Cents. ("It'll cost you just a nickel!" says the muppet in my head.) 

The trade paperback edition of New Amsterdam--newly affordable at $14.95 U.S., and containing all of the text of the hardcover and maybe with some of the typos corrected, if Bill got my list, (NOT ONE WORD HAS BEEN OMMITTED [all the old people just laughed]) is meant to be available May 1. Since the out of print hardcover is going for $54.00 this week and was going for $75.00 the last time somebody emailed me to say BEAR OMG WHEN IS THE TRADE COMING OUT?!?!?!?!, I thought you would all be happy to know that. If you're Canadian, here's the Chapters-Indigo listing for New Amsterdam: The I Can Afford That! edition.

If you already have the soon-to-be-remaindered trade paperback edition of Blood & Iron, and you really are waiting with bated breath for the next Promethean Age book (you know, the one with all the smut in it), Ink & Steel is set for July 1st of 2008 and Hell & Earth will follow it in August. And then I will be nearly all caught up on my backlog and have to write some new books for a change.

Meanwhile, Chapters-Indigo, which apparently has pictures of somebody at Tor with a chicken llama goat cephalopod, already has listings up for All the Windwracked Stars in hardcover and All the Windwracked Stars in paperback (Nov. 1 of 2008 and Oct. 1 of 2009, respectively). Please note that these are unconfirmed dates, subject to change, no guarantee that there will actually be a paperback edition if the hardcover tanks, and my editor is probably fuming right now.

However, if you wanted to make a note of the ten-digit ISBN numbers for your own use, ahem, the paperback is 0765358514 and the hardcover is 0765318822, and I'm going to take a SWAG* and say that the U.S. price points are probably going to be $24.95 and $7.99, respectively.

Also, there's a mass market paperback of A Companion to Wolves listed for August 1 of 2008 also via Chapters-Indigo, ISBN # 076535778X... is that X supposed ot be there? Hmm.

Now, having pointed thase links out, I should mention that it's almost always faster (and your karma is improved, are so are my chances at the Locus best-seller list!) if you get these things from your local independent SFF bookstore, so I do in general recommend going to them. Amazon never ships anything until the day it's officially released, even if the actual object is usually available for a couple of weeks beforehand in brick and mortal stores. (J.K. Rowling, I'm not. Also, you probably notice I don't do the Amazon Affiliate thing, because I like to encourage people to shop locally and support small business.)

Anyway, most of these fine retailers are happy to take phone or email orders, and some of them even have online stores if mail order is your thing.. I'm personally fond of Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego), Pandemonium (Boston Cambridge), Bakka-Phoenix (Toronto), Forbidden Planet (London), and Uncle Hugo's (Minneapolis), and recommend them all highly.

Non-anthologized short fiction? Er. Well, let's see. "The Ladies" in Coyote Wild any minute now, "Shoggoths in Bloom" in Asimov's for March, I think, and "Annie Webber" in Nature at some point, not sure when.

And truepenny and I have a short story in the VanderMeerian Fast Ships, Black Sails anthology, but I haven't heard a publication date for that yet. (I thought it was this year, actually, but there you have it. Publishing.)

Now to feed that cat, and decide how much of a slug I'm going to be today.

*Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
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