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bear by san

March 2017



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the love that pretty much plasters its name all over the internets

via ginmar, it's national actress-I-love-coming-out-year, apparently.

I have always been really fond of Queen Latifa. And I'm only just getting fonder.

You're a class act, ma'am.


Oh, that makes me happy.

It's not that just because I'm gay everyone else has to be.

It's that when I'm out it's more fun when everyone else is, too.
I like it because it makes me feel like it's getting less scary to be queer, you know? It's not like everybody's alone, huddled in little rooms, biting their tongues when people make awful jokes.

If we stand up, we can identify each other, and then we don't feel so damned alone.
I love it because it means there's more love in the world, you know? No apologies, nothing. Just more love. That's all there is to it.
Exactly. Especially when "everyone else" is as fabulous as The Queen.
Hooray! I know there have been rumors for a while, but I'm glad that she feels ready to come out.
I should be surprised, but somehow I feel I should've suspected it all along... Really beautiful and talented actress; yay for lesbianism! ^_^
I've always liked her.


I didn't see that coming.

I really have been asleep... :)

Re: *boggle*

Didn't see it coming either... but not shocked by the Queen's "official" coming out either. This is one of those, "I can see that" coming outs.
No wonder I like her movies, her awesomeness as a person shines through her performance.

good to see her go public...

I found out she was of the girl-kissing persuasion years ago, when the girlfriend of a NY Liberty (WNBA) player left her for Queen Latifah, through friends-of-friends of people involved. I'm not sure if it's the same woman she's engaged to.
Anyway, it must be a relief to come out when you're in such a public line of work. Hey, I wonder if she's now the first openly gay Cover Girl model?
Aww, but it's not official is it?

I hope she does make an official announcement. Then I will rejoice for her.
Hunh. It's one of those, "I didn't really think about it, but in retrospect, I guess I can see it" kind of coming-out things.
I LOVE Queen Latifa. She's smart, sassy, and one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Oh, and not heroine-addict-skinny.
Wow, cool. Mazel Tov to her!!

(I've known about her gf for a long time, but I guess I hadn't noticed she'd never made anything publicly official ... )

I thought she was already out. This keeps happening to me. I should stop having a gay best friend-- he keeps me too well informed. >:D
I know. I thought she was out too. *g*
I feel a smidge better now; I told the hubby, who is oblivious (as most straight men can be) and he said "well, wasn't it obvious?" Of course, this is the man whose gaydar for lesbians is generally better than mine, so perhaps I should hush. (He knew Ellen was dating Portia deRossi before I did! I lost gay points that day.)

How cool is that?

Ooooo . . .it's so cool when someone I already like turns out to be fambly.

I wish Missy Elliot would come out. :-P

Huh. This always seemed to be known unknown to me. I'd heard the rumors for a while as well.

Good for her at any rate!

I fear a special episode of Boondocks coming on, though.
Ahh, Boondocks.

I kind of love that strip.
Aw, they look so happy together. I love it when people are in love and together. Makes the world a better place.

Yay! Ladies First!

I'm glad she's found someone she can be happy with. She should be shouting to the rooftops out of joy. The gender of her intended is pretty moot as far as I'm concerned. Love is its own reason for celebration.