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if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there

So, when I stop faffing about having a social life and actually sit down and write, I can apparently still cover some ground in a day. (I have a horrible feeling that this is a preview of what January is going to be like, as Chill is stubbornly still not writing itself. Darned books.

Anyway, I got 3000 words on "Overkill" yesterday (I basically did nothing except hang around the house and write, which was actually really nice. I need days like that more often. (Tomorrow is also scheduled to be one such.) and 1313 today, and I will probably write some more after my lunch date. It's so nice to see actual progress on something, even if I am in one of those stages where everything I write seems flabby and colorless and horrible. (This is not uncommon, and I've mellowed out about it since I discovered that there is no appreciable difference between the stuff I hate while writing and that which I think is gunning for a Nobel. Except the sloggy stuff is not fun to write, and the house on fire bits are.)

I have about 7500 words on the story now, which has technically become a novelette. It's not very fast-paced, but it's good characterization and plot, I think, and it's leading up to a pretty big boom. Also, I like the way the theme is playing out. So I will see if I can bring it in before Sunday night, because that would make me happy, it would. And then I would have finished something, and I could go back and revise "King Pole" and send it to its hopeful eventual editor.
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